Perfect pace: 8 Gifts for hardcore runners

Think it’s hard to shop for the runner in your life? This gift guide will help you stay on pace with your loved ones this season!

No-Bounce sports bra

The last thing you want to do when working out is attract attention with your bust. Safely secure ‘the girls’ with a strong sports bra. Glamorise’s No Bounce Full Support sports bra provides enough material to completely cover women who have larger breasts. It also has a camisole-like feature that prevents upward spillage. The No-Bounce sports bra is a great gift woman will appreciate. (Amazon, $20-45)

New Balance Impact Tee (reflective)

Finally, you can feel comfortable with your family exercising in the dark. With a variety of reflective apparel available in brands like Under Armour, Mizuno, and Champion you really can’t go wrong. One of our favorites is the Men’s Impact Short Sleeve Tee from New Balance. This lightweight polyester/mesh shirt promotes cooling and has reflective graphics on the front and back. (Amazon, $40)

Hardcore runner Brooks pulse lite gloves nightlife

Brooks Pulse Lite gloves

Runners don’t let cold weather stop them from training. Help keep their hands warm with a great pair of gloves. Brooks Pulse Lite Gloves Nightlife are a great solution for hands that get cold in chilly weather. They have lightweight, waffle mesh material that keeps hands warm and dry. The gloves also have retractable thumbs for easy access to a Smartphone or music player. (Amazon, $25)

Asics GT-1000

Running shoes are all about finding the right fit and making sure the shoe is appropriate for the type of surface. If running on the roads, you want to get something flexible, light, and comfortable. For this type of running surface, we like the Asics GT-1000. Although just 9 ounces, gel cushioning in the rear and forefoot provides plenty of support and stability. Gift the athlete in your life the perfect pair of running shoes. (Amazon, $70)

Hardcore runner Camelbak classic hydration pack

Camelbak hydration pack

We know how important it is to stay hydrated during a run. With this Camelbak Classic 70-ounce Hydration Pack, not only will water be within reach, but runners will have added protection with reflective accents on the pack and an elastic cord system to hold articles of clothing. Help loved ones stay healthy on long runs, hikes and camping trips with a hydration pack. (Amazon, $45 – $122)

Reflective Pop Bands (Pair)

If you don’t want to buy reflective clothing, you can help the runner in your life be seen at night with reflective accessories. Vedante’s Super Reflective Pop Bands are ‘pop-on’ reflectors that can be placed just about anywhere. With 360 degree visibility, these bands are strong enough to appear over 500 feet away. Give no-hassle Reflective Pop Bands as a gift this year. (Amazon, $7-15)

Fitbit Zip activity tracker

It’s comfy, stylish and functional! The easy-to-use Fitbit Zip activity tracker can do just about everything for you—except run. With this sleek device, runners will get accurate distance, pace, and calorie data needed without being weighed down. Just clip it and forget it. The Fitbit Zip syncs automatically, and because it is button-less, all users need to do is move. The durable battery—which lasts up to six months—will record everything, keeping the women you know motivated and healthy. (Amazon, $60)

BOB Revolution jogger

Don’t let having a little one stop you, or your athletic friends, from taking an afternoon jog. Bring your child along with you in a comfortable and lightweight jogger. The BOB Revolution SE is a well-made jogger that works well in rough terrain. This collapsible, stroller is equipped with plenty of storage space, two shock absorbers, and a rear, foot-engaged brake system. The back wheels and locking front wheel collectively provide a smooth, stable ride. Run on with the BOB Revolution SE jogger. (Amazon, $320)

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