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Gifts for the outdoor dude

If you live with an outdoors dude, you know he’s happier outside than inside. If he goes inside, it’s only to talk about the outdoors or watch shows about the outdoors. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Here are a few ideas that show your support for his love of the great outdoors.

first aid

Survival kit

If you’ve ever watched Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild, you know how tedious it can be to try to start a fire with a piece of wood and a rock, or catch a fish with your bare hands. When your guy goes into the woods, you want him to come back, right? Sure you do (most days, anyway). This kit has a fire-starter, fish hooks and a multi-purpose tool as well as several other items that will ensure your honey’s survival and return. (Gerber, $32)

active wear


You would not believe the science that goes into active and outerwear. And if your guy is serious about the outdoors, he’s going to be particular about the clothes he wears. Not only are various layers and backup clothes important, but so is the material that these garments are made from. Do your research and be prepared to spend a little extra. Your backwoods babe will thank you for it. (Marshalls, prices vary)



A backpack is a backpack is a backpack, right? Negative. If your sweetie is a serious outdoors dude, he picks his gear carefully. A $50 backpack used by college kids to tote their books around is not going to cut it. But don’t be intimidated! All you need is a little information, like the difference between a day pack and frame pack, and a knowledgeable associate to help you. Your guy is going to be impressed that you took the time to figure out which pack is best suited to his outdoor endeavors and will likely brag about it to his friends who got wool socks for Christmas. (REI, prices vary)

sleeping bag

Sleeping bag

You may be thinking that a sleeping bag is a lame gift, but you may not be aware of the technology and choices now available. Did you know they make sleeping bags for different temperature ranges? And that’s just the beginning when it comes to choices and criteria in outdoor sleeping equipment. Figure out the climate your honey hikes in, how long he’s gone and his backpack’s weight limit to help you make a brilliant choice. (Coleman, prices vary)

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