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Sentimental gifts for him

Showing the special man in your life just how much you care is easy on a daily basis. You can send flirty texts, watch the game with him, or cook his favorite dinner. But when it comes to giving him a gift, things get tricky. The pressure is on to come up with the ultimate gift that is both thoughtful and personal. We want to help you find that gift of all gifts, so we’ve listed some sweet, sentimental gifts to present to your special guy.

Photo frame

Personalized collage

If you want to stay simple for your sweetheart, we suggest a collage of photos. Head over to the closest HomeGoods to pick up a multi photo frame and fill it with pictures of you two. Pick a theme like the best dates you’ve been on or the best vacations you’ve taken together and fill the frames with pictures. The best part is that you can add to the collection every year with different themes or pictures to keep track of how far you’ve come over the years.


Love note jar

For a gift that keeps giving, try creating your own love note jar. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to remind him how much you love him. All you have to do is fill a jar with strips of stationary that each have a reason for why you think he’s wonderful. He can take a new one out each day and feel the love way past the holidays. You can find some great decorative jars or vases at any T.J.Maxx.


Fan memorabilia

You know that one hobby he has that is completely beyond you? The one that makes you question how a grown man could get so excited over a superhero? That fanatic behavior is exactly what will help you find the ultimate gift for your guy. Find a rare jersey from his favorite sports team or an autographed copy of his favorite book and give it to him as a gift. He’ll love the gift, but he’ll love you more for hunting it down to make him happy.


Plan an adventure

The most thoughtful gift you can give your guy is spending time with him. You both live busy lives, but everyone should slow down sometime. Plan a day where you two can act like tourists and explore your city together. Revisit special spots in your relationship or take in the major attractions you avoid because you’re a local. Finish the day at his favorite restaurant and share all his favorites from the menu. He’ll appreciate all your efforts and any present that ends in dessert is the perfect present.

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