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10 Guy traits we’re thankful for

‘Tis the season to be thankful (well, and for eating tons of turkey), but right now our focus is what we love about the men in our lives and all the great things both big and small they do for us.

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Heavy lifting

Sure, we can carry groceries, open jars and reach top-shelf items all on our own, but it sure is nice to have someone around and willing to lend a hand. Thanks to all the guys out there who don’t mind helping out.

Making us laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine and we’re thankful for all the men in our lives who know when we need something to smile about. Whether it’s a great joke, silly story or hilarious anecdote, we love when our guys make us laugh.

Strong arm hugs

There’s nothing quite like being enveloped in a tight squeeze by your main squeeze (or your best guy friend) just when you need it most. Having strong arms wrapped around us is something to be thankful for and something that always makes us feel great.


Unlike some of our girlfriends, guys are often incapable of beating around the bush or sugar coating things we need to hear. Thanks guys, for all the times you help us put things into perspective by being honest about what we’ve asked.

Sense of fun

Most guys we know are always up for anything, no matter how wacky or silly it sounds. From pulling pranks on other friends to taking impromptu road trips, guys are great at injecting excitement into our daily lives.

Positive attitude

Bad day at the office? Feeling fat and PMS-y? Fighting with your BFF? Guys just seem to know how to look on the bright side. No commiserating here; we’re thankful the guys we love help make sure we don’t wallow and guide us to that glass-half-full kind of feeling.

Being handy

While we know tons of savvy gals who can fix a car and stop a leak, we’re a little less knowledgeable in those areas. That’s why we truly appreciate any male (lover or friend) we can call on when something breaks, cracks or otherwise falls apart.

Open mind

Not many guys we know would say no to trying something new, even if they’re not sure whether they’re going to like it. We’re thankful for their willingness to chart new territory with us and have a blast doing it.

Not sweating the small stuff

Getting stressed about every little thing that happens is no fun, but so many of us do it anyway. But the ones least likely to freak out over nothing are the carefree guys in our lives, the ones who laugh off small stressors and show us how to do the same.

Being caring

Knowing when we need a hug, a glass of wine or a bouquet of flowers to make us smile is one of the best things about our men and something we can’t get enough of. We’re thankful for the guys who always seem to know what we need — when we need it most.

Tell us

What guy traits are you most thankful for? Share in the comments below!

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