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The most attractive trait in men is…

What traits do you find most desirable in a partner? Is it loyalty? Looks? Sense of humor? Everyone’s version of Mr. Right is different, but there is one quality in particular that a large number of women hold in high regard.

Woman talking to her boyfriend

And the winning trait is…

According to a survey by Men’s Health, 53 percent of women rate “listening” as the number one most attractive practical trait a partner can have. We have a few theories as to why.

Listening builds your bond

If the person you’re with isn’t a good listener, you’re eventually going to feel less and less like sharing your feelings with them. What’s the point of telling him about your day if he isn’t going to bother listening? Whereas, if he does listen (and listen well), you’ll want to share more and encourage him to do the same. Listening to each other brings you closer together, which is the only way a relationship can move forward and maintain momentum.

Listening leads to good communication

You simply can’t have good communication in your relationship without good listening skills. If he’s not listening to you, he’s not going to ever really know what you want or need, which can lead to epic battles and a lot of relationship frustration. Even something as simple as telling him what you need at the store only to find out he wasn’t really listening to your request is not only annoying (now he has to go back or you have to go), it’s a sign he needs to step up and start listening.

Listening makes you feel loved

Knowing that you have his undivided attention and he’s focusing only on you while you tell him about the presentation at work, the awesome weekend you had or where you hope the two of you can go on vacation this winter is a great feeling. It shows you he cares and that what you have to say is important, which can really make a gal feel special.

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What traits do you find most important in a partner? Share in the comments below!

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