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Double date ideas that won’t have you kicking and screaming

Double dates have the reputation for being notoriously lame. But they don’t have to be a drag. We put together a few more lively ideas for how to spend time with other couples.

Friends going for fall drive

Get out of town

Bored of the same old stuff in town? Take off for a few days as a foursome. Now is the perfect time to check out the fall colors, find a spot to go on a cooler weather hike or just check out a new town or city nearby. Book a couple of rooms at a bed and breakfast, plan a few activities and enjoy your mini vacation together.

Try something new

The next time you want to call another couple for a double date, choose an activity that no one in the group has tried. Maybe it’s a cooking class where you learn to make sushi or an Indian curry, maybe it’s a fun group fitness class to get your hearts racing. The point is to keep everyone interested by going outside your collective comfort zones and doing something totally new.

Do something sporty

Forget games night and trying to beat every couple you know at Scrabble — it’s time to get sporty. Whether you head to the park with a football or Frisbee, all take a rock climbing class together or head to the gym for some two on two on the basketball court, we suggest doing something competitive on your next double date. The losing couple has to buy drinks!

Have a cook-off

If all four of you like to cook, why not host a cook-off rather than going the traditional dinner party route? You can either have everyone tackle one course or give each person a specific ingredient to work with. That way everyone is involved in the meal-making and you can catch up and sip some drinks while you work.

Do a wine or beer tasting

Whether you set one up at home or go somewhere to do it, a wine or beer tasting can be a fun way to expand your palate and learn more about the nuances of your favorite beverages. If you’re doing it at home, have each couple contribute two bottles of wine (or several beers no one has tried). Provide notecards with a list of flavor notes and room for everyone to make their own comments. Then choose your favorites. Pair each with small plates and one-bite items rather than having a full-scale dinner.

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