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4 Things to do solo at least once in your life

While some people live for quiet evenings alone or trips to the coffee shop with nothing but a good book, others aren’t so keen on doing things solo. But there are a few things that you should try doing alone just once to boost confidence and become more independent.

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Go out for dinner

It might seem strange to go out to dinner on your own, but it can actually be a great experience. We’re conditioned to think about restaurants as places to go on a date or with a group, but there’s nothing wrong with taking yourself on a dinner date. In fact, we suggest you add it to your list of must-dos if you’ve never dined alone. First off, you’ll feel empowered because you’ll be proving to yourself that you enjoy your own company (a big confidence builder). Second, there’s a bit of a thrill involved in going into a restaurant and asking for a table for one. Note: Fast food places don’t count. Choose a place you really like or have always wanted to try.

Take a trip

Going on a trip with nothing but your bag (no friends, no boyfriend) likely sounds scary, but traveling solo has its perks. Not only will it force you to be independent, it’s also a great way to get to know yourself better and how you handle situations when there’s no one else to guide you. You’ll learn to make decisions without relying on someone else to take the reins, which is an important part of gaining confidence and becoming a stronger person. Plus, you get to do and see whatever you want, without having to worry about what everyone else wants to do!

Have a drink

If the thought of walking into a bar alone freaks you out, we say it’s time to head to your local watering hole and order a beverage. If you don’t drink, go to a coffee shop or simply order something non-alcoholic. Like going out for dinner solo, taking yourself out for a drink is a great way to start enjoying your own company more. It’s not easy for some people to be alone, and sipping a pint or glass of wine on your own is a good start if you aren’t yet at ease with hanging out without a gaggle of girlfriends.

Live alone

Living alone (no roommates, no boyfriend) isn’t always ideal, but it can make you much more self-reliant. You’re the one paying the rent, you’re the one who has to clean up, you’re the one who shops, decorates and cooks — it’s all up to you. Everything from paint colors to how you set up the kitchen to what you stock it with isn’t anyone else’s decision but yours, which is pretty exciting and a great way to exert your independence.

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