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Guy signals decoded!

Men are strange and wonderful creatures, but sometimes trying to figure out their special language is slightly more challenging than we’d like (and trust us, we love a challenge!). The next time you’re having trouble deciphering what your man’s behavior really means, bust out our handy guide to decoding guy signals, straight from the mind of a male dating expert.

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To help us make sense of the male mating code, we talked with relationship expert David Wygant, author of the book Naked! How to Find the Perfect Partner While Revealing Your True Self, to get his take on these little gestures that can mean a lot.

What does it mean when…

flowers…a guy sends a woman flowers?

“It depends on when he is giving the flowers, but most of the time this is a man who really is into romance and enjoys being the man — and who is a bit old-fashioned. His mom brought him up well.”

…a guy gives a woman jewelry?

“Once again, he is the man who is a bit old-fashioned. He likes to buy his woman pretty things and see her happy,” he says. “He is the gift-giver, and that’s his way of thinking — that it will make her happy.”

…a guy sends a text message first thing in the morning?

How about at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night?

“First thing in the morning, you have a guy who is romantic: He woke up thinking about you, and he is telling you that in his text, no matter what the words are. That’s his way of saying, ‘Hey, you’re on my mind the second I wake up. Now, the 2 a.m. guy is the booty-call guy. He’s basically looking at you as his personal sex toy and that’s it!”

…a guy retweets one of your funniest or most clever tweets?

“He is in love. No man does that unless they love you. That is the guy who tells you through that that he is listening to you at all times and really enjoys all that you say and do.”

plate…a guy brings a woman food or makes her dinner?

“Another romantic gesture! He is telling you through this gesture that he enjoys taking care of a woman and wants to take care of you.”

…a guy is quiet or not as outgoing as usual?

“Don’t worry. Just let him be in ‘the cave.’ By worrying or nagging, you will push him further back. Give him a day or two, and if he’s still silent, ask him what is wrong and if you could help.”

…when a man asks you to have a talk with him?

“Let him talk. This is really hard for men, and when he sits down and talks to you, let him get it all out before you jump in. By doing this, you will create the safe place that he craves.” For more about Wygant, check out his website here!

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