SHAPE and SheKnows Launch Social Media Health and Fitness Survey

We know you’re on Facebook, Pinterest, and other media channels on a daily basis — so why not turn your time online into a chance to share how social media helps or hinders your health and fitness?

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SHAPE and join forces

Shape and SheKnows

SHAPE and have joined forces to find out how Facebook, Pinterest and other media channels affect your health, fitness and body image. Do you tell your friends where you’re working out or the types of workouts you’re doing every week? Does your online social network provide support for your weight loss goals? Does social media help you stay on track with your diet? Have you changed the way you think about your body because of a status update, photo, pin or tweet? We want to know.

Enter to win

Share your thoughts by taking an online survey. Anyone who completes the survey will be entered to win a $250 American Express gift card. Click here to take the survey!


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