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Cookies and cupcakes for the cure

Cupcakes for the cure
Boob cupcakes

Creative packaging and custom labels will add some light-hearted humor while helping raise money to fight a disease that affects millions of women. Here are some baking and decorating suggestions and some helpful sticker templates that are easy to print out and punch.



Bake boob cupcakes

Bake an assortment of cupcake flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon.



Boob cupcake toppings

Again, no two breasts are alike! Frost with icing of your choice and top with assorted “nipple” candies — Hersey’s Kisses (mini and regular), Lifesavers Gummies, M&M’s, Strawberry Whoppers, Mike & Ike or Dots.

Decorate boob cupcakes



Packaging supplies

Package them in pairs. I was able to find white baking boxes at my local hobby store as well as larger quantities of pink boxes online at BRP Box Shop.

Cupcakes for the cure label

Print out this “Cupcakes for the Cure” or “Thanks for Your Support” PDF onto full-sheet label paper and make stickers with a 2-inch hole punch (plain or decorative, found in most hobby and craft stores.)

Boob cupcakes in box

Attach the stickers to the boxes and sell, sell, sell for the cure!

Boob cupcakes

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