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Fitness technology for your best body

Pairing fitness with technology doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, all you need is a little assistance to help you reach your best body. Check out some ways you can reach your fitness goals through technology.

Get inspired by technology
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If you think you’re not a tech-savvy person, especially when it comes to fitness and reaching your goals, think again! There are many tools – aside from dumbbells and jump ropes – you can incorporate into your workouts. The best part? You don’t have to be a techno-whiz to figure them out.

GymPact App

GymPact App

Put your money where your mouth is. Many of us have been here: We’ve signed up for a gym membership that rarely got used, or found a daily deal special to a new fitness class we think looks great … then never made it to the class. Not only is this a waste of money, but it’s a missed opportunity to getting or staying fit.

Need motivation to get to the gym? This app, called GymPact, is for you. For each workout you make, you’ll earn cash from others who miss theirs! How it works:

  • Make a pact and first determine how many days a week you want to work out. (You can change your pact for the following week at any time.)
  • Set the dollar amount you want to pay when you miss your workout at the gym.
  • Check into the gym using your smartphone.
  • Each week, your total will be tallied up and distributed to you.

Currently, this app is available for iPhones, but will also be available for Android users. It also integrates with RunKeeper.

Cost: Free

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Tech Performance Seamless Jacket by Puma

Tech Performance Seamless Jacket by Puma

Used to be workout clothing consisted only of T-shirts and sweatpants. Fitness clothing has evolved, thankfully, because there’s nothing worse than working out in clothing that doesn’t breathe, wick or allow free and full-range movement.

Workout clothing comes in a variety of fits and fabric, with fashion thrown into the mix, and technological advances in materials are what now help keep us cool, comfy and looking good! Now that fall is in the air, consider the Tech Performance Seamless Jacket by Puma. It’s figure-flattering for women, has seamless construction for reduced friction and chafing, and has a moisture-wicking finish. Oh, and it’s super-cute!

Cost: $70

RoadNoise Vests

RoadNoise Vests

If your running takes you out of the house after dark, this reflective vest is for you. Not just a safe way to help keep you visible to motorists, RoadNoise Vests are designed to hold your MP3 device or phone in a front pocket, and have built-in, lightweight speakers at the shoulder area so you don’t need to wear earphones or worry about dangling cords.

This vest was created by a runner who was looking for a way to easily incorporate music into his run after a race banned the use of headphone/earbud devices, and also required runners to wear a reflective vest.

The vest comes in three colors (lime green, hot pink and black) and in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Cost: $70

Nike+ FuelBand


Tracking your fitness progress can be inspiring! If you need help calculating your activity, the Nike+ FuelBand may interest you.

Not only is the Nike+ FuelBand a watch, but it also tracks your workouts or activities, then calculates your efforts, whether your favorite activity is to run, walk, play basketball or dozens of other activities. You’re able to set your goals and watch to see when they’re reached. It also tracks calories burned, steps taken and progress of activities. You can wirelessly sync the Nike+ FuelBand or plug it in to your computer’s USB to visually see your progress and milestones. There’s also an app that helps keep you motivated on the go, allows you to share and compare progress with friends, and more. This watch is water-resistant and comes in three sizes.

Cost: $149

Online daily-deal offers

Consider checking out the following daily-deal sites:

You can find all sorts of deals online for fitness classes and events in your area, as well as clothing and equipment, all without spending hours online searching. There are a number of daily deal-type websites that you can sign up for. Simply visit the site, sign up by providing your email address and add your ZIP code to the search function. You’ll be emailed daily deals which you can decide whether or not to purchase. Many offers include things like discounted workout classes, gym memberships, apparel and gear.

Cost: Free for updates

Isn’t technology great to help you get your fitness on?

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