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Sexual health: Natural ways to keep the fire kindled

Many women in their 20s and 30s are watching their parents scurry to see Hope Springs. This is the new movie starring Meryl Streep, who plays a 60-year-old wife desperate to rekindle physical intimacy with her husband, played by Tommy Lee Jones.

Healthy young couple

I’m sure these young women are proclaiming to themselves and each other, “This will never happen to me.” Optimism is always a good sentiment to have, but intention is not always enough. In my practice, I’ve found that health decisions women make in their 20s truly affect the rest of their lives.

Here are a few tips for young women to keep their now-satisfying sexual lives going well into the post-50 years.

Take omega-3s regularly

Essential fatty acids are essential for moist and supple skin. That applies to the skin on the face and body, as well as to the vaginal and vulvar areas and the mucosa. Walnuts and certain seeds — chia, hemp, flax and pumpkin — are loaded with these good fats. Make them part of your regular diet.

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Kegel up

These exercises help strengthen a weak pelvic floor, a condition that can occur even without going through childbirth. A stronger pelvic floor can help increase sensitivity and lead to more intense orgasms. Kegel exercises can be done while going about your daily business — no one will know your agenda.

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Fatigue sets in when the body isn’t able to eliminate toxins and balance hormones. As one gets older and the body becomes more toxic, a general feeling of malaise can become the typical state of unwellness. That’s why it’s important to help the liver — the body’s detox site — do its job. One of the best ways is by eating liver-friendly foods, which include leafy greens, especially dandelions.

Drink wisely

Green juices are refreshing and healing, as long as they’re not full of sweeteners. According to Chinese medicine, too much sugar will create a damp heat in the vulvar area, which can lead to yeast infections. Sipping on lemon water during the day also assists in the cleansing process.

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