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4 Ways to date yourself

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you need to make a point of focusing on yourself. Taking time for yourself is important at every age and in every stage of life. The best way to master the art of “me time” is to date yourself and we have some tips to help you get started.

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Make time for you

First things first — if you’re going to take some time to show yourself some appreciation, you need to make time for it. Just like you might schedule brunch with your BFFs or a trip to the gym, schedule date night with yourself. Actually eke out the time in your weekly schedule (among all of your other to-dos) for “me time.”

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Pamper yourself

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Whether you book a monthly spa treatment, weekly mani or soak in a hot tub after a particularly stressful day, make a point to pamper yourself on the regular. Not only will you give yourself something to look forward to, you’ll be minimizing stress and showing yourself some love! Even curling up with a glass of wine and a good book with your phone turned off and laptop hidden away can be a form of pampering. Just do whatever makes you feel good.

Take yourself out

There’s no rule that states you need a date to go to dinner, a movie or an art gallery. If there’s something you want to do or somewhere you want to go, we suggest doing it solo. Take yourself out — be it to a wine bar you love, a restaurant you’ve been itching to go to or a movie you really want to see. Doing this will build confidence and allow you to feel more independent and at ease with yourself.

Try something new

It’s easy to try new things with a friend or partner, but solo adventures can be a little trickier. We’re not suggesting a jump out of a plane or a ride on the tallest, scariest roller coaster (unless you want to). We’re talking about trying something you’ve always wanted to do, whether it’s learning a new language, taking up a new sport or enrolling in a continuing education class. Doing something new is a great way to empower yourself and have fun on your own.

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