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5 Fun hobbies to take up as a couple

Bored with your usual routine? Can’t stand another night of TV watching (or watching him play video games)? It’s time for a hobby. We’ve rounded up some fun activities you can take up as a couple to rev up your relationship.

Couple on road trip in fall stopping to take photo

(Local) travel

Hopping on a plane and jet-setting around the world is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add travel to your list of hobbies. Exploring your local surroundings as a couple can be a great way to reconnect and have a great time together. Whether you drive three hours out of the city for a quiet weekend away from the day-to-day chaos or take a train or bus somewhere new once a month, build some local travel into your life for a refreshing change from the norm.


If you’ve recently bought an expensive camera with lots of cool functions you have yet to fully figure out, why not sign you and your guy up for a photography class? You can learn about your new toy together and then take day trips to put your new skills to the test. Knowing your way around a camera is a huge asset when it comes to capturing your best experiences together.


Why not get outside and get moving together as a way to bond and do something a little different? If you both have bikes, put them to good use and start going for rides in different areas every weekend. Build in a stop for coffee or a treat as added incentive. No bikes? Hit the trails. Find some trails near you and go at least two to three times a month while the weather is nice. Pack a couple of sandwiches and cold drinks for a mid-hike picnic.


Even if both of you are decent cooks and share time behind the counter, signing up for a cooking class together can really boost your bond and your kitchen repertoire. Talk about the types of cuisine you’ve always wanted to try (Indian, Japanese, vegan) and find a class in your area. Once you have the skills down pat, host a dinner party featuring all the items on the new menu you’ve mastered as a duo.


Tango anyone? How about the fox trot? Dance lessons can be a great way to get moving and get closer. Plus you’ll get a good laugh learning fancy footwork together. If you’re not into the classics, you can try modern or swing dancing. The point is to do something that brings you together and allows you to learn something totally new.

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