Top 10 reasons it’s beautiful to go bald

Whether you are going through cancer treatments, suffering from alopecia or experiencing hair loss for any other reason, embrace your baldness. Being bald can be beautiful for a number of reasons.

Bald is beautiful
Bald is beautiful

You can never have a bad hair day

A bad haircut, trying to grow out your bangs, no time to wash your hair in the morning — these are all things of the past. When you are bald, you can never have a bad hair day. At the most, you’ll need to take a few minutes to shave your head in the morning, and maybe pluck your eyebrows.


You’ll never get caught with your roots showing

“How much money do women waste a year on coloring and styling their hair?” exclaims Texas mom Brenda Stephaniani.

Brenda originally lost her hair during chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She’s been cancer-free for over six years, but she chose to stay bald. Why? “Because it’s so much easier!” she says. “I went gray when I was 24. Over the years, I spent so much money worrying about my roots. Now that I’m bald, I can just stroll on by the hair aisle at the store without giving it a second thought.”


Being bald really brings out your eyes

They say that bangs and face-framing highlights will accentuate your eyes. But do you know what will really show off your beautiful peepers? That’s right — being bald!


No one will notice if you’ve gained a little weight

Everyone will be looking at your beautiful bald head so much, they’ll never notice if you packed on a couple of pounds. So go ahead and have that cupcake. You can hit the gym next week.


You can be whoever you want to be

Though you love your baldness, you can also love being a redhead, brunette or blonde any day of the week. Stock up on a few wigs and have some fun.


Being bald makes you different

Being bald makes you unique, remarkable and noteworthy. You stand out from the crowd. In a sea of women, they’ll always be able to pick out the bald, beautiful one.


You can spend more money on clothes

Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, leave-ins — the list goes on and on. “With the money you save on hair products and styling tools, you can spend more on clothes, facials or whatever else makes you feel beautiful,” says cancer survivor Jeannie Matthews. Matthews chooses to shave her head, even though she’s been free of breast cancer for three years.


You get a lot of attention

“Being a bald woman makes you unique — it makes you stand out,” Matthews says. “You get a lot of attention from men, and almost all of it is positive. And as shallow as it may sound, attention and compliments make you feel beautiful and special. Everybody likes some extra attention.”


Confidence is beautiful

“There’s something about surviving cancer that makes you feel vulnerable yet confident at the same time,” says Matthews. “Of course, you know that it could come back, but you also know that you faced it head on. You battled it. You conquered it. It’s empowering, and makes you confident in other aspects of your life. And everyone knows, confidence is beautiful.”


Being bald can make people think

Sharon, a model and an actress, originally lost her hair after going through chemotherapy. Now, she shaves it off. In an interview with photographer and writer Enzo dal Verme, she said: “And now that I have survived, I feel the growing need to communicate to as many people as possible that it is important to love oneself. It isn’t easy. For someone like me it really took such a powerful experience to wake me up. But I am determined. I decided to use my image as a bald woman to get people to think, and so far things are going very well.”

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