Couples’ workout: Fall in love with fitness

Does watching another night of reality TV with your mate really put the mojo back in your relationship? We didn’t think so. So how about changing up your weekly routine with moves that get your endorphins soaring?

Couple running in the Fall

Fitness expert Steve Ettinger says couples who work out together tend stay together and offers his favorite partner workout that will not only pump up your fitness but also strengthen your relationship.

“Working out with your significant other adds another dimension of quality to ‘quality time,’ ” says Ettinger, a certified strength and conditioning specialist who has been featured in SELF and Fitness magazines as well as on ESPN, Fox, and Good Morning America Health. “Not only can sweating together be a fun experience, but working on and implementing similar goals will make you much more accountable and likely to succeed.”

Get close with this couple’s workout:

Lunge and squat

Each partner performs 10 lunges on each leg. Aim for three sets. Do this exercise together.

Lunge and Squat

Lunge and Squat

Start position: Stand tall with your hands on your hips.

Lunge and Squat

Lunge and Squat

Movement: Lunge forward with the right leg. At the bottom of the movement, both knees are at 90 degrees, without touching the ground. Step your left foot forward until it is parallel with your right foot, shoulder-distance apart. Squat down, keeping your head and chest up. Lunge forward with your left foot. Bring your right foot forward to meet and perform another squat. Continue with 10 lunges on each leg, with a squat between each lunge.

Agility ladder quick steps

Do this exercise for 60 seconds. Rest, then repeat.

Starting position: Straighten out a rope ladder on the ground.

Movement: Step your right foot, then left foot, in the ladder. Step your right foot, then left foot, out of the ladder. Move laterally back and forth for 60 seconds.


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Agility Ladder Quick Steps

Resistance-band row with seated partner

Each partner performs 15 rows. Complete three sets, alternating between the seated and standing position, with no rest between sets.

Resistance Band Row with Seated Partner

Resistance Band Row with Seated Partner

Start position: One partner is seated, holding the band, leaning back slightly with abs tight. The second partner is standing with knees slightly bent, holding the handle attachments of the band.

Movement: With palms facing in, the standing partner performs a rowing movement and then slowly returns the band to starting position. The seated partner should maintain a strong grip on the band — it helps to grip the band with one overhand and one underhand. If you are the seated partner, make sure to tighten your abs so that your body does not move while your partner rows; this will work your abs while your partner is working back muscles.

Competitive cardio

Ettinger suggests rounding out your resistance training with some high-intensity competitive cardio. Try the cardio or sprint exercises below or do both, if you’re up to it.

Boxing drill

Do two rounds, two minutes each, to get your heart pumping and boost your calorie and fat burn.

Start position: One partner wears boxing mitts and one partner wears boxing gloves.

Movement: Work through simple bobbing, weaving, punching and jabbing combinations for two minutes, then switch positions.


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Boxing drill

Partner sprints

Do two rounds, two minutes each, with two-minute rests between rounds.

Start position: Take three cones or markers and place a cone or marker at 10 yards, 20 yards and 30 yards away.

Movement: The first partner sprints to the 10-yard marker and back. Then the 20-yard marker and back. Then the 30-yard marker and back. Repeat until two minutes is up. The first partner rests while the second partner performs the same sprint pattern. Compete with your own time to see if you can complete more repetitions during the second round of sprints.

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