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Are you marrying a groomzilla?

Here at MyRegistry, seeing an iPad or other fun tech related items on a bridal registry is nothing new. However, once the power tools and the lawn mowers began appearing on our members’ gifts lists, I knew a new trend was developing — one that was all about the grooms!

Man looking at saw

Grooms, who until recently had politely bowed out when it was time to go for the department store scan gun. Grooms, who would smile sweetly when the talk went to china platters and say “whatever you want, honey.” These same grooms have now found empowerment through online gift registries. These grooms have suddenly become gift registry GROOMZILLAS!

A couples’ registry

And why shouldn’t they? After all, it is his wedding registry too (even though it is frequently called a ‘bridal’ registry). The whole point of registering is to choose items that will help any couple start their new lives together. Now that grooms are no longer constrained by standard department store fare, coupled with their ability to create a registry without ever walking into a store, the sky is the limit… literally. Recently, one West Coast groomzilla actually registered for a micro light aircraft.

Shopping for man gear

Ask 10 grooms where they would like to have their wedding registry, and most of them will tell you Home Depot, Lowe’s or another equally utilitarian retailer. It seems rather surprising that in this day and age these mega retailers have not opened gift registries of their own. Especially when groom registry items of choice include: power drills, BBQ grills, leaf blowers and camping gear.

Leaf blowerGrooms take a stand!

So, what’s a couple to do when she wants Wedgwood and he wants a weed whacker? Well, that is the beauty of the universal gift registry system. It doesn’t matter where the item comes from and it doesn’t even matter if the store has its own gift registry system. You can easily put it on yours, and these items can co-exist side-by-side on the same registry. So, please don’t be aghast if you see a chain saw on a friend’s wedding registry. Get over it. This is only the beginning. Grooms are taking a stance by saying what they really want to start off their new life, and frankly, a leaf blower will get far more use than a pair of toasting glasses.

In the end, a groomzilla’s demands are not all that off base to the real spirit of a gift registry. They really do help the couple get the items that they need to start their new lives together. Think about it, what new home doesn’t need a BBQ and a great set of tools? I know mine does, doesn’t yours?

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