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Best things to do if you’re single this fall

If you’re not paired up this fall, there’s no need to mope. Being single is a great opportunity to do the things you might not have time for when you’re in a relationship. Get ready to better yourself and have a great time as you head into a new season.

Girlfriends on roadtrip

Take a trip

Fall is a great time to get away from it all, either solo or with some girlfriends. Take a few days off work (if you can swing it), or just plan a weekend adventure. Go fall camping, go on a road trip somewhere you’ve never been, or even organize a beach getaway somewhere sunny for you and your closest BFFs. A fall trip can help clear your mind and make it easier to start fresh at the beginning of a new season.

paint canRedecorate your space

Sick of the color in your bedroom? Think your kitchen needs an overhaul? Dedicate the fall to spicing up your space and giving it a whole new look. Whether you add an accent wall to the living room, move furniture around to freshen up a room or just go into a cleaning and organizing frenzy, you’ll feel great after giving your home some TLC.

Tackle a project

Challenge yourself this fall by taking on a project you’ve been meaning to get involved in. Help your dad put that new addition on the back of your parents’ house, put in some time volunteering, brush up on a sport you played in high school so you can join a team, or train for a half marathon — do whatever you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet made time for. Setting and accomplishing goals is a great way to start off a new season.

Learn something new

Why not use the start of a new season to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn? From art and photography to cooking and languages, the opportunities are endless when it comes to what you can try your hand at. Ideally, by the time winter rolls around, you can take great photos with your new camera, have a basic conversation in Spanish or cook up a delicious feast for your friends and family.

Focus on fitness

Being in a relationship can often be a detriment to fitness. This fall, get your single and fabulous self to the gym or outdoors and get moving. Find a class you like, enlist a friend for weekly runs or hire a personal trainer. The point is to put your health first and use the start of a new season to incorporate fitness into your life more regularly.

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