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Why the hell am I still single? Top 4 reasons

Still single even though you’ve got a great job, sweet apartment and sparkling personality? There are many reasons why you haven’t yet hooked up with someone for the long term. We share some of the main issues that could be standing in your way.

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You stopped looking

As much as it would be great for Mr. Right to walk up to you while you stand in line at the grocery store checkout, that scenario just isn’t likely to happen outside of a romantic comedy. It’s easy to lament your lack of a love life, but if you aren’t actively trying to put yourself out there, you can’t expect to meet someone you click with. So how do you get back out there? Start saying yes to parties, BBQs, work events and other social situations that could lead to meeting someone great.

You’re in a rut

If you’re always going to the same places with the same people, it’s going to get harder and harder to meet men. Social ruts are just as easy to get into as style, beauty or career ruts, but there’s hope for breaking free. Simply start doing something different. Hang out with someone you haven’t seen in a while, suggest different bars or restaurants as venues for outings with friends, join a club or team or even ask to be set up on a blind date. The more you can do to shake things up, the easier it will be to meet someone new.

You’re stressing too much

The more pressure you put on yourself, the less likely you are to be to meet your Mr. Right. We all know that good things often happen when you least expect it, so stop stressing and start having fun! If you put pressure on yourself and get stressed about not having met someone yet when all your friends are either getting married and having babies, you’ll never move past singlehood. Take a deep breath, relax and focus on enjoying your life. You’ll meet someone right for you soon enough.

You haven’t made time

Work, family and other commitments can easily get in the way of your quest to finally meet someone great. But it can be hard to even realize you no longer have time to go out like you did when you were younger. If you’ve been living at the office and using your spare time to either hit the gym or hole up inside with the television, it’s time to give yourself a break. Make a point to revive your social life as a way to continue meeting people and give your love life a fighting chance.

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