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Learning to embrace your flaws

“Mommy, why is your arm skin hanging down in a big blob?” “Why are your legs all lumpy and bumpy?” “Let me feel your jelly belly!” You may not have kids constantly pointing out your flaws, but maybe there’s a little voice in your own head reminding you of your imperfections. Stop focusing on your “areas of improvement,” and learn to embrace your flaws — in all their lumpy, bumpy glory.

proud, confident woman

Be aware

Before coming to terms with your flaws, you first need to understand why they bother you. Ask yourself why you’re worried about a particular flaw. If wrinkles or gray hair are your issue, maybe it’s a fear of growing old that’s getting you down. If your mood is based on the number on the scale, maybe deep down you’re insecure that your partner won’t be attracted to you if that belly really is like jelly. When you shine the light of awareness on your worries, you’ll realize that growing old is inevitable and your partner’s love isn’t based on the size of your waist (and if it is, you’ve got other issues to address). Acknowledging your concern or fear is the first step in owning the flaw and accepting yourself unconditionally.

Be grateful

Be grateful for your flaws? That’s right. Those so-called flaws are a part of you. Big nose, tiny boobies, thinning hair — you name it, they’re the unique attributes that set you apart from everyone else out there. How boring would this world be if we all went around looking like Barbie dolls? Let’s just say many have tried, only to end up looking like cartoon versions of their former selves.

Be inspired

Look at celebrities like Anna Paquin who refuses to have the gap in her teeth fixed because she likes being unique. Or how about Kim Kardashian, who flaunts her curvy figure in skin-tight outfits. Now there’s a girl who knows how to embrace what others might consider a “flaw.” Think of Cindy Crawford — one of the most beautiful women ever. What comes to mind when you think of her face? That’s right — a rather large mole above her lip that she could have easily had removed, but she didn’t. Her “flaw” is what made her fabulous.

Be you

Don’t waste one more minute feeling self-conscious or down on yourself. You’re a smart, strong capable woman and you deserve your own unconditional love. Give your flaws a great big kiss and be exactly who you are, because you’re great.

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