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Your sex and love homework

Feeling like there’s room for improvement in the bedroom? Maybe it’s time for some homework — sex homework that is. We put together some quick and easy lessons to help boost intimacy, bring back the spark and get your sex life back on track. The best part: no pen and paper required.

Couple having sex

Buy yourself new lingerie

It’s time to toss the granny panties and the worn-out cotton underwear. This week we suggest you treat yourself to something sexy. And don’t shop only with your partner in mind. Sure, you want him to think you look amazing, but you’re the one that will be wearing whatever you buy and you want to make sure it feels great on your body.

clockPick a day to both come home early

No time for sex lately? Choose a day this week to both come home one hour early. You can use this time for whatever you want, but we suggest taking advantage of the extra time and using it for sex, or at least some form of intimacy (cuddling on the couch, going for a walk together holding hands). The added time together will help boost your bond.

Have one no-TV day this week

It can be so easy to get sucked into watching TV all night (and forgo sex for your favorite shows), especially after a long day. But this week we’re asking you to say no to the screen. Choose one day where you don’t watch TV. Hide the remote if you have to. Now, what are you going to do with all that free time…

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Do one thing in bed you’ve never done

Skip the usual routine and instead talk about what you haven’t tried in bed together. It doesn’t have to be way outside your comfort zone (or super-kinky), but it should just be something you haven’t tried (a new position, being blindfolded). Choose something you’re both comfortable with (and excited about) and test it out this week.

Walk around the house naked

This homework assignment has to be done with the lights on. We know you might feel strange and awkward walking around the house in the buff, but we’re willing to bet your partner will appreciate it. The point is to get more comfortable with your body so sex becomes less about your insecurities and more about having fun. Bonus points: Get him to shed his clothes, too!

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