How to make scheduled sex more interesting

One of the best ways to ensure your sex life stays on track amid busy schedules and family responsibilities is to schedule your time between the sheets. But let’s face it — that can get boring. To help keep sex from getting stale, we put together a few ways to keep things more interesting despite being on a schedule.

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Try new things

The same old thing can get boring, even when it gets the job done. Rather than rely on all the same moves, shake things up by trying something new. This can mean a new position (talk about some you’d like to try), reading some erotic literature, role playing or introducing toys or even a blindfold. The point is to keep your sex life from falling into a rut and make sex something you look forward to even when you’re tired or stressed out from work or other responsibilities.

Quick tip

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to trying new things, start out by taking a shower or bubble bath together just to see where it goes. There’s no pressure, but the total change of pace might spark some new ideas.

Take turns initiating

If he’s always the one to start the ball rolling, you might want to try initiating sex more often. It can be very easy to get into the routine of one person starting things and taking control of the situation, but when you’re the one who gets things started, you can also be the one in charge. Take turns being the instigator and also the one who calls the shots in bed. This can be a great way to rev things up in the bedroom. It might feel strange at first if you’re not used to being the boss, but the more you do it, the more fun you’ll have!

Build excitement

Call at least once, or send a text or email the day of just to flirt. You’ll need to be mindful of each other’s schedules (e.g. try not to make your flirty call in the middle of your partner’s important presentation), but otherwise, make an effort to make the lead-up to sex more fun by enticing each other with little snippets of what you want to try or what you’re most looking forward to. A little bit of suggestive flirting can go a long way to get both of you much more excited about sex than when it’s just something that happens every Wednesday.

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