3 Reasons vacation sex seems better

Have you ever felt like the sex you have while on vacation just seems better than what happens in the bedroom at home? You’re likely not alone. There’s just something about being away on holiday that makes sex that much hotter. With that in mind, we decided to delve into some of the reasons why.

Couple on beach having sex

You’re away from routine

Travel and vacations take people out of their normal routines. They get to see different things and feel differently. “There’s a reason that hotel sex is notoriously hot! It’s because in a hotel, you’re away from your everyday rut and you can leave your inhibitions behind with your obligations and your responsibilities,” explains April Masini, relationship and dating expert behind the AskApril.com advice column. “Your sexual self gets priority — and so does your sex life!”

You’re more relaxed

If you’re on a romantic trip for two, you’re not dealing with stressful meetings at work, arguments with your in-laws or piles of laundry — the days (and nights) are yours to do whatever you want with. And the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to enjoy sex rather than be distracted by everyday issues and responsibilities. Vacation sex is often better for the plain fact that there’s nothing to distract you from the pleasure.

There’s an element of excitement

Vacations are also exciting. You’re in a new place where everything is different (from the food to your bed). For a lot of people, it’s that excitement that can help rev up their sex lives. “Shedding their everyday skin lets them feel like lots of things are possible — including sex,” Masini says. Whether you go somewhere full of adventure or simply head to a beach resort, being away with your man can net some great results in the bedroom!

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