How to plan a romantic summer camping trip

If you’re wondering how sleeping in a tent can be romantic, we’re here to show you how to turn the great outdoors into a loved-up getaway for two. Read on for some tips on planning your own romantic camping trip this summer.

Couple on romantic camping trip

Pack right

First things first; if you’re going to go on a successful camping trip, you need the right gear. If you don’t have a tent, borrow one or rent what you need. REI rents out tons of camping essentials, including tents, camp stoves, backpacks and sleeping bags. You’ll also want to have comfy clothes and some extra layers in case it gets chilly at night, plus essentials like your bathing suit, bug spray and a first aid kit. You can check out our family camping checklist and just omit the kid-centric items.

Choose your spot wisely

Where you go will depend on what you’re looking for. You can use the National Park Service search page to search parks by topic (caves, geysers/hot springs, mountains, seashore, etc.), location, name and activity (boating, wildlife viewing, fishing, swimming, etc.). We also suggest reading reviews online of various campgrounds to check for things like noise level, how close together the sites are and sun and shade levels. Ideally, for a camping trip for two, you want somewhere quiet, where the sites aren’t packed too tightly together.

Embrace the outdoors

Your regular weekends away might not be spent sleeping on the ground, but if you’ve never camped as a couple, the key is to really embrace where you are and the experience as a whole. You might be used to hotels or bed and breakfasts when you head out of town, but camping can be a great way to bond. Let’s face it; what could be more romantic than watching sunsets over the lake, snuggling up by the campfire (roasting marshmallows of course) or cuddling in your tent?

wineBring some romance with you

Just because you’re spending the weekend outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t bring some romance with you. We suggest candles, a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine and a cooler packed with all the fixings for some romantic meals.

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