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How to avoid fights on vacation

Going on vacation with your significant other can be a great way to strengthen your bond and spend quality time together, but it can also be the cause of some pretty serious arguments.

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Rather than spending your summer vacation in a fit of anger, we have some tips to help ensure you get along no matter where you go.


While it would be great if you and your guy wanted to do exactly the same thing all the time, the chances of this happening are slim. We all enjoy different activities, especially on vacation, and the key to avoiding a major mid-trip meltdown is to spend time doing things you both enjoy. If you love reading on the beach and he gets bored after 30 minutes on the sand, don’t expect him to sit beside you all day, every day of your vacation. Find a way to build in time for relaxing and sipping cocktails poolside with what he likes to do (snorkeling, swimming, exploring).

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You can also do some things separately. If you want to lounge by the pool in the mornings and he wants to jog on the beach or rent some snorkel equipment, let him. You can meet up for lunch later!

Keep the baggage at home

No, we don’t mean your actual baggage (you’re going to need that), but we do mean your emotional baggage. Vacation is the time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company, not bring up the fact that he never defends you in front of his mother or how he always misses birthdays and anniversaries. Let go of the little things and use your time away constructively.

Resolve lingering issues before you go

If you’ve been dealing with any problems or recent fights, make sure to resolve them before you go. The stress of travel can exacerbate existing issues and potentially cause them to blow up while you’re away. Make a point to come to an agreement on whatever you’ve been arguing about so you can enjoy the trip and not worry about stresses from home popping up to ruin your vacation.

Focus on having fun

The more you focus on making the most of your trip, the more fun you’ll have. Even if the weather isn’t perfect or you don’t love the food at your resort, do your best to enjoy yourselves. After all, you only get to go on vacation every so often so it’s important to really focus on making it great. That way, the memories you take back with you will be positive and help strengthen your bond long after you get home.

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