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Walk for Kidney Disease

Lace up and help fight kidney disease by signing up for one of the upcoming Walk for Kidney Disease events coming to your city.

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Polycystic Disease Research and Education

Lace up and help fight kidney disease by signing up for one of the upcoming Walk for Kidney Disease events coming to your city.

What it is

The PKD Foundation is a nonprofit and volunteer-driven organization dedicated to discovering the treatments and cure for polycystic kidney disease, which is an inherited disease that affects the kidneys. Cysts, or sacs of fluid, grow and multiply in the kidneys causing serious pain and infection.

Why it was founded

The organization was founded in 1982 by Joseph H. Bruening and Dr. Jared J. Grantham. PKD’s job is to conduct research, educate and support people and create awareness to improve the lives of all it affects. The foundation has been growing so fast that today, there are several people working on the research that provides help and hope to the public.

How it’s making a difference

The organization is also working through chapters to help people get involved. The PKD Foundation chapters are groups of volunteers (patients, friends and family members) who want to study and get involved in their home city. This is a great program where people from different places can gather to have a fun event. The goals for the chapter are to support and educate people to learn more about the disease and other important topics. Moreover, each chapter tries to raise awareness of the PKD Foundation in the community and reaches out to different media outlets, the public, their neighborhoods and other groups of people through social fundraising events.

The PKD Foundation has also been working on walk and run events. It not only helps the organization to raise funds for research, but also helps to find the potential treatments. There have been more than 60 walks across the U.S. and Canada.

Sign up for a walk and learn more about PKD Foundation here.

Upcoming 2012 Walks


  • Birmingham, September 15


  • Phoenix, October 7


  • Sacramento, September 23
  • San Francisco, October 28
  • San Diego, October 7
  • Los Angles, October 6


  • Denver, September 16


  • Connecticut, October 6


  • Delaware, September 15


  • Atlanta, September 8


  • Chicago, September 22
  • Peoria, September 15


  • Shreveport, October 6
    New Orleans, September 16


  • Boston, September 15


  • Detroit, September 22
  • Michigan City, September 15


  • Twin Cities, September 15


  • Kansas City, September 8
  • St. Louis, October 14


  • Nebraska, October 13

New Jersey

  • Central Jersey, October 7

North Carolina

  • Raleigh-Durham, TBD
  • Charlotte, November 10

New York

  • New York City, October 27
  • Long Island, September 15
  • Hudson Valley, September 22


  • Toledo, September 15
  • Northeast Ohio, September 29
  • Dayton/Cincinnati, September 23


  • Oklahoma, October 13


  • Portland, September 30


  • Pittsburgh, September 22
  • Philadelphia, September 22

Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island, September 8

South Carolina

  • Charleston, TBD


  • Nashville, September 22


  • North Texas, September 22
  • Houston, October 20
  • San Antonio, September 22


  • Seattle, October 7


  • Milwaukee, September 23


  • Tidewater, November 3

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