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Relationship expert-approved summer date styles

Summer style is all about staying cool and comfortable, but what about when you’re trying to dress to impress? If you’ve got a date coming up, we’re here to help you put together an unforgettable outfit.

Couple on summer date at cafe

Read on for summer date style must-haves.

We asked April Masini, relationship and dating expert behind the advice column, about what to wear on a date this summer. “Fashion and dating go hand in hand,” she says. “If you want to win the dating game, you really have to be ready for anything, and having some good pieces in your closet for summer will help you relax, be ready and have fun because you’re appropriately dressed on summer dates.”

White linen trousers

Often, simple is best for summer. “A beautiful, tailored pair of white trousers is a must-have for summer parties,” says Masini. The trick is to get a pair that fit well so they look polished. “Your tailor is your friend. Keep them dry-cleaned and ready to go, and if you can swing it, spring for a second pair,” she advises. Pair with a bold, beaded tank and strappy flats for effortless summer date style.

A great sundress

Getting ready for a summer date is easy if you have a few sundresses to choose from. “From day to night, a sexy, strappy sundress that works with flats or heels is a must-have for movies, ice cream dates and dinner,” says Masini. “Shop around for one that is fresh, fun and flirty.”

Two bathing suits

For summer, Masini advises getting two swimsuits — one one-piece and one two-piece for pool parties and beach dates. If you haven’t sourced a suit yet, now’s the time. “Give yourself three weekends to shop for a great new one-piece and a great bikini so you’re ready for anything,” she advises. “Bring a truthful friend with you so you have a second set of eyes and someone who will tell you what looks great and what doesn’t.” If you don’t feel comfortable in a two-piece, get one sporty one-piece and something sexier like a one-shoulder style or something with cute cut-outs.

wedge sandalsTwo pairs of sandals

Get yourself one flat and one heeled pair so you’re ready for any summer date venue, advises Masini. She also suggests opting for quality over whatever you can find that’s on sale. “Don’t scrimp here. Buy leather and buy shoes that are not just stylish, but fit well.”

Sun hat

Spice up summer date style and hide a bad hair day with stylish headwear. “A great sunhat is a must, says Masini. “Not only will you prevent sun damage, wrinkles, spots and bad burning, you’ll look fabulous at the same time.” The type of hat is up to you — just choose what flatters your face shape and hair style. But, “no baseball caps allowed,” Masini advises.

Walking shorts

A great pair of tailored walking shorts that aren’t too short make for a great piece to build a summer date outfit around. “Toss the daisy dukes and spring for a pair of shorts with nice pockets and a generous fit that you can wear on a daytime date,” says Masini. Pair with a sleeveless blouse and wedge sandals and you’re set for summer fun.

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