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Brooke Burke shares summer sweets for Operation Smile

Brooke Burke is lending her famous smile to Dreyer’s Ice Cream to give back to Operation Smile, using a classic summer treat to change a child’s life forever. Find out how your smile can help.

Brook Burke -- Scoops for Smiles

SheKnows caught up with Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke and Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream at their summer-long initiative, A Reason to Smile, where Burke served up free scoops of ice cream to participants in exchange for a photograph of the smile it brought to their faces. Dreyer’s plans to donate $5 for each picture that is uploaded to their Facebook page all summer long.

Operation Smile is a worldwide children’s medical organization that performs surgeries throughout the world on children born with cleft palates and facial deformities.

“Every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft — often, they are unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile,” said Lisa Jardanhazy, vice president of Operation Smile.

Brooke’s goal is to capture 25,000 photos by the end of the summer to raise enough money with Dreyer’s initiative to enable Operation Smile to perform more than 500 reconstructive surgeries. Brooke served Extra’s Mario Lopez the first scoop during the kickoff at the Los Angeles shopping center, The Grove.

The campaign will travel across the country to fairs and family hangouts to raise money for the cause from now until Aug. 31.

Brooke is passionate about Operation Smile because she says, “I have four kids and really understand the importance of self-esteem.”

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She also noted that it’s not just people writing checks and that it’s a chance to actually donate your time to give back. Brooke says she is on a mission to raise as much money as she can for Operation Smile.

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