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Are you guilty of these bad girlfriend habits?

No one is perfect and when it comes to being part of a couple, we all have quirks that can rub a partner the wrong way.

nagging woman

If you’re wondering what some of the worst offenders are when it comes to bad relationship habits, read on. We put together four of the most common.


Probably the most common bad girlfriend habit, nagging is something most guys can’t stand. We all do it, but it’s important not to fall into the habit of near-constant nagging. Why? Not only will it come off as annoying, continually pestering your guy can potentially drive you apart. If something is bothering you (he never helps out in the kitchen, he spends too much time with his buddies), don’t simply nag (which won’t work). Instead, start a dialogue. Explain how his behavior makes you feel and offer possible solutions for making a change.

Expecting him to be a mind-reader

While it can be difficult to admit how we feel or bring up sensitive topics, quietly seething because you think your partner should know what’s bothering you is a major no-no. Open communication and honesty work much better than hoping someone will magically know what’s going on in your mind. Even if what you have to say could potentially cause conflict or you’re upset about something your partner did, tell him. He’ll just get frustrated if you don’t admit you’re upset or tell him what has you angry.

Being a clinger

No matter how in love you are, it’s important to have some separate interests from your partner and spend some time apart. Expecting your partner to spend every night with you can actually push him away. Avoid clinging (getting upset if he has plans, texting multiple times a day) and instead exert some independence. Your relationship will be much stronger for it.

Talking about exes

If you have a habit of bringing up past relationships, we’re willing to bet your current guy hates it. Even if your new man comes off in a positive light (e.g. “My ex would never dance at a wedding”), try to curb any sentence that begins with “my ex.” Your focus should be the present, not what used to happen when you were with someone else.

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