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Wedding woes? Why it’s OK not to get hitched

Prince William and his now-princess Catherine were together nine years before finally tying the knot. Brad and Angelina plan to make it official after seven years (and six kids). Jon Hamm and his main squeeze Jennifer Westfeldt have made it 14 years without walking down the aisle.

Unmarried couple

If you’re currently worried about your lack of ring, don’t be. We’re sharing a few reasons it’s OK not to get hitched or to at least wait a while for the ring.

Weddings are expensive

Planning a wedding is not only time consuming and stressful, but it can also be very expensive. Caterers, venue, entertainment, photographers, dress — and the list just keeps going. Even if you get help from family members, all of the components that go into pulling off your big day add up. And they add up a lot. Some couples choose not to tie the knot and instead put money toward other things like their first home, a big trip or renovations on a home they already own.

Real women speak: “My partner and I have been together for nine years. We live together. We have two dogs. I really see no need to spend all that money on one day. Sure, it would be fun, but I’d rather save for a house.” Emma, 32 from Detroit

Love doesn’t mean a ring

If you love someone, it’s OK to let that stand alone without feeling the need for a ring or ceremony to solidify how you feel. More and more couples are opting out of a wedding, and they’re OK with that because they’re comfortable with how they feel about each other.

Real women speak: “Even though my mom really wants us to get married, my boyfriend and I don’t really feel like we have to make that step. We love each other and that’s really all that matters to us right now.” Shawna, 28 from Tampa

Divorce happens

Marriage doesn’t always mean a happy ending. Divorce statistics continue to climb, which proves that a wedding isn’t everything and doesn’t necessarily solidify your union. We’re not saying that your marriage is doomed to fail, but there are a large number of people who make that commitment when they’re not ready.

Real women speak: “Three of my best friends are divorced and they’re all under 40. I think that’s crazy. I’m not saying I’ll get divorced, too, but it really scares me that it seems to be happening more and more. I’m really not sure if I’ll ever marry.” Loren, 36 from Seattle

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