4 Cool dates for hot weather

As the sun beams down and humidity rolls in, it’s tempting to lounge inside in the air-conditioning with your guy. But getting out during the summer months is important — if only to remind yourself to be grateful it’s not winter anymore. Here are a few icy dates to take the sting of summer heat down to a luscious, heady, warm feeling for two.

Couple having ice cream

Dip into old-fashioned ice cream

Don’t underestimate the humble ice cream cone on a warm day. Leading your guy into a cool, air-conditioned sweet shop and asking for a double-scoop will conjure up feelings of puppy love, and a little bit of nostalgia can go a long way toward making a good date great. Or, make your own sundaes at home. We recommend using lots of whipped cream. Ahem.

Try this: Order a flirty flavor such as Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra (oozing caramel with vanilla and caramel ice cream, plus fudge chips) or Baskin-Robbins’ Love Potion #31 (white-chocolate and raspberry ice cream, chocolate chips and a raspberry ribbon with raspberry-filled chocolate hearts — aw).

Hit up an old-school matinee

Decades ago, the best way to stay cool on a summer afternoon was to sit in a dark movie theater. Go with your honey and see an old flick, just like couples did in Bobby Sox days. Bonus points if you go to the oldest theater in your city. Making out in the back row is encouraged!

Try this: If you can, take in one of history’s blockbusters, like King Kong, which broke records in 1933, or Rebel Without a Cause, a film that got a lot of attention in 1955 partially due to James Dean’s untimely death just before the movie was released.

SlushieVenture out on a road trip (with an icy pit stop)

Handy if you have no air-conditioning to speak of, hop in the car, roll the windows down, and cruise down a long stretch of highway, wind whipping your hair. Along the way, pop into a 7-Eleven or similar convenience store and order a classic slushie or Slurpee. A sweltering day is one occasion when a brain freeze is welcome!

Try this: If you don’t want to blow your diet but still want a frosty treat, try one of 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Lite options, new this summer: sugar-free mango, sugar-free strawberry banana and sugar-free cherry limeade are the first flavors out of the gate. All of ’em have half the calories of regular Slurpees.

Create your own bucket ‘o’ beer

Dive bars with outdoor patios often have a tempting summer offer: the ubiquitous bucket ‘o’ beer, usually with a thrifty price tag. If you’re staying home with your honey, take your party onto your porch, along with a sixer of your favorite brew, and create your own happy hour special: Fill a pail with ice and stuff as many bottles as you can into it. Then put on your shades and start sipping leisurely. The best part about staying home with your suds: When you get hot, you can toss ice at each other — and turn on the garden hose if you’re feeling naughty. Your private speakeasy might just turn clothing-optional.

Try this: When shopping for your afternoon ale, go local and look for a microbrew from your area. Find one on this list at Beerfly. Not a beer person? Chill a bottle of summery rosé or pinot grigio. Cheers!

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