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5 Must-dos as you prep for your wedding day

Weddings are such complicated and exciting events; it’s easy to be so caught up in the rush that you miss the day itself! Use these tips to get the very best out of the special day you’ve planned and worked so hard for!

Bride and groom

Get lots of sleep the night before

Consider throwing your bachelorette party a week or two before the ceremony so you can party your heart out — without paying for it during the ceremony. If you’re too tired to focus on your vows or a headache stops you from having a great first dance, you’ll be sad, so stock up on your beauty sleep!

Have a moment with your bridesmaids before you all walk down the aisle

Many of your girl friends will be emotional and worried as they lose you from the gang of single gals! Grab them in a group hug, let them know you love them and be together one last time. If you have a few minutes, this is also a great time to give them cards about how much their friendship means to you. A moment with just you and the girls will help calm your nerves.

Don’t wear your wedding night lingerie to the ceremony

This might be obvious, but you’ll have several hours between putting on that cute lace and silk and the time when your special someone gets to see it on you. Whether it’s laughing a little too hard at your reception or dancing yourself sweaty, you’ll want to save the nice stuff for later, so it can look pretty and fresh when it counts.

No worrying within 24 hours of the ceremony

This means it doesn’t matter if the cake icing doesn’t match the bridesmaid dresses or if the flower arrangement is crooked. Your job as event planner stops the day before the wedding. After that, you just enjoy yourself. This is the key to making sure the day doesn’t rush past without you. Promise yourself that you will just go with the flow, and make yourself absorb every beautiful minute and detail. You’ll be glad you did.

Focus on your husband-to-be

If, in spite of your best efforts, things get too chaotic, quiet your mind with the reassuring delight of loving and knowing the man you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. Imagine the sweetness of a honeymoon with just the two of you and the life you’re building together. If you can do this, everything else starts to get trivial and you start to smile.

Are you ready? I wish you and your beloved the fullest happiness!

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