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5 Fun summer date ideas

The nights are long and the days are hot — it’s the perfect time for romance. If you’re stumped for summer date ideas, we have you covered. Check out our picks for some simple and affordable ways to rev up the romance this season.

Couple on a date at an amusement park

Amusement park

If you’re the roller coaster type, an amusement park date is a great way to spend the afternoon with someone you love. You’ll get to grab his hand on the aforementioned coaster, have him win you a cute stuffed animal (or win him one) and indulge in all the best amusement park fare like funnel cake, ice cream and caramel corn.


What better way to spend a warm evening with your sweetie than cuddled up on a picnic blanket? Pack a bottle of wine, some nice cheeses, baguette, olives and some cold salads and mini cupcakes for a romantic night under the stars. If you have a portable speaker for your iPhone, bring it. That way you can listen to some tunes while you enjoy your meal al fresco.

Beach day

One of the most fun summer dates is a day at the beach. All you need is a big blanket, a cooler full of cold drinks, sunscreen and you’re all set to enjoy the sand and surf. Walk along the beach hand-in-hand, go for a dip and simply relax. If you can swing it, try to book a day off during the week and play hooky on the beach. It will be much less crowded than on a weekend — and that much more romantic.

Day hike

Stretch your legs, embrace nature and head into the great outdoors with your guy this summer for a day of hiking. It’ll be just you, your man and nature (what’s more romantic than that?). Not to mention, you’ll be taking advantage of everything that’s great about summer — vibrant plants and flowers, gorgeous weather and woodland wildlife — things that all disappear as soon as the cold winds move in. Really love the outdoors? Make it a weekend and go camping with your sweetie.

mapCountry jaunt

Get out of town for a summer date by driving into the country. Map out some antique shops, ice cream parlors and cute cafes and pubs for a memorable day trip. If you have time, make a night of it by booking a quaint bed and breakfast and enjoying a leisurely drive back the next day.

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