Celebody: How Brooke Burke keeps her family healthy

Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke is super-busy, but between four kids and working full time, this mother and model still finds time to focus on health and fitness. Find out how she keeps her fabulous Celebody.

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Brooke Burke

Whether it’s chasing around her four children, hitting up a cardio jam class with friends or simply popping in a quick workout DVD at home, Brooke Burke always makes time for fitness.

Take care of yourself

“You have to take care of yourself as much as you take care of your families,” Brooke told SheKnows recently at the launch of Dreyer’s Light Slow Churned ice cream campaign, “A Reason to Smile,” benefiting Operation Smile.

“The more you work out the more you crave it,” Brooke told us. “I’m sort of addicted to that burn. I schedule it, just like I schedule stuff for my kids. I try to get it done in the morning when the kids are at school.”

Stay active

The 40-year-old mom and Dancing with the Stars host lists her favorite activities as Pilates Plus, her own home workout DVDs and fitness classes with friends. She also takes advantage of the wonderful summer weather in Malibu and spends a lot of time outdoors with her hubby, Baywatch’s David Charvet, and their kids.

“My family is really active,” said Brooke. “We spend a lot of time on the trampoline, family barbecues — they’re always swimming, we’re always on the go, just staying active and moving and enjoying family time outside.”

Eat well

Eating well is also an important part of Brooke’s fitness regimen, and she gets the whole family in on making healthy choices as well.

“I try to make eating fun,” Brooke told SheKnows. “I like to cook, so I invite [my kids] to shop with me. I invite them to engage in the kitchen with me. I’ll make little kiwi faces with oranges and apples. I think as a mom if you just take them time to be creative and put it in front of them, they’re going to eat one of the few things.”

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Brooke Burke's berry smoothie

Brooke’s healthy diet plan:

  • Breakfast: A protein shake with berries and coconut water
  • Lunch: A chopped salad with salmon
  • Dinner: A lean protein like fish and chicken
  • Snacks: “I love lemon water and green tea.” Also: Slow Churned Light ice cream
Baboosh body

What’s in that gym bag?

  • Baboosh Body
  • Environmentally friendly water bottle
  • Extra shirt — “I love to sweat!”
  • iPod
  • Phone
Sexy and I Know It

Brooke’s favorite songs to sweat to:

  • Sexy & I Know It – LMFAO
  • You & I – Lady Gaga
  • Don’t Cha – Pussy Cat Dolls
  • We Found Love – Rihanna
  • Dance Again – Jennifer Lopez
  • Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas

Brooke Burke eating ice cream

Be positive

Another thing Brooke makes sure to do with her kids is use positive words about eating healthy instead of focusing on the negative.

“I start to educate them really early on about healthy choices and I try not to use words like ‘fat’ and ‘weight,’ ” said Brooke. “Especially as a mom with little girls, it’s a very sensitive subject matter.”

But just like everyone else, Brooke has her splurges.

“Every once in a while I eat a margherita pizza, chocolate chip cookies or some ice cream,” she revealed. “You just have to be conscious and find those right choices where you’re not always sacrificing. Then pick a day and cheat — then get back on track.”

Eat more

And though it may seem counter-intuitive, Brooke says the most important thing of all is really to just simply eat.

“Eat more when you want to lose weight,” she told us. “Fad diets come and go. Never starve yourself or skip breakfast. Eat often and eat smart.”

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