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Take dad on a fun father-daughter date

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we thought we’d look into some fun ways to spend time with dad. There’s no better gift you can give the man who helped raise you than a father-daughter date.

Woman with her father

Picnic in the park

If it’s supposed to be nice and sunny on Father’s Day, surprise dad with a gourmet picnic in the park. Pack a basket with some nice cheeses, fresh bread, fruit, pasta salad or sandwiches and some iced tea or lemonade. Bring a large blanket and find a park to settle in for a tasty al fresco lunch. Dad gets to spend the afternoon with one of his favorite people, enjoy some good food and fresh air and feel like you’ve done something special just for him. If dad likes to be active, bring a Frisbee or ball to toss around after you eat.

Amusement park

Is dad an adrenaline junkie? Spend Father’s Day at the nearest amusement park and hit the biggest and best rides. He can try to win you a stuffed toy (you’ll feel like a kid again), and you’ll both have a great time. Even a few hours at a local fair is a fun way to spend some time with dad if he likes rides and games.

Baseball game

If your dad is a sports fan, make his day with some tickets to a game. Try to get the best seats you can, pick up some hats or jerseys with the team logo, buy a couple of beers and some hot dogs and enjoy the day rooting for his favorite team (or booing the other team). It’ll be a great bonding experience and you know he’ll love spending the afternoon doing what so many dad’s live for – watching sports.

Backyard BBQ

If you have a backyard, plan a BBQ in honor of dad. Pick up all of his favorites for the grill – steak, veggies, burgers – stock the fridge with his favorite beer and invite your mom, siblings and any other friends or family members your dad gets along with best. If you don’t have the space, bring the party to dad. Clear it with mom and simply bring the foods, drinks and snacks to your parents’ house. Dad won’t have to lift a finger while you execute a patio party just for him.

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