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5 Underappreciated guy traits we love

We talk a lot about traits we love in a guy, but this time we thought we’d highlight some of the things that are great – but that don’t get as much attention as some of the majors. Here then we look at five underrated traits we think make a man a great catch.

Cute guy reading a book

Being well read

We like our boys bookish and while that may not exactly scream sexy, having a guy that likes to read is a big plus. The more you read the more ideas and perspectives you’re exposed to, so if you meet a man who has a stack of books on his coffee table or a Kindle bursting with the latest bestsellers, we say he should get some bonus points. This trait is even better if you’re an avid reader. Just think about all the great discussions you can have about authors you love (or loathe) and new releases you can’t wait to read.

Having close family ties

No one wants a sulky mama’s boy, but there is something to be said for a guy who values his family and who gets along well with his parents and siblings. A guy who loves his brood usually has a big heart (a big plus) and was raised to be polite and respectful. Not everyone gets along with their family and there can be various reasons for that, but it’s really nice to see a man who knows how to make his mom feel special.

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Being well traveled

A guy who has done a lot of traveling usually has a healthy sense of adventure, an open mind and a willingness to try new things – all excellent traits in our opinion. Someone with a passport full of stamps is also usually fairly laid-back and has a good awareness of what goes on outside their own little bubble of life. Perspective – or knowing that petty problems (my iPod broke, I didn’t get the raise, do I look fat in this) don’t hold a candle to real problems is something we all need more of. If you’ve met a guy who has it, hang on tight.

Having goals

As we’ve said before, ambition is sexy, and it’s sexy because it breeds confidence and self-assuredness, two traits that make a man mega-desirable. A guy who has goals isn’t going to sit around like a slug and watch TV or play video games all day. He’ll be ambitious and work hard which is important if you’re going to respect him. If you don’t respect the person you’re with, you’ll end up tiring of him pretty quickly.

Appreciating arts and culture

There are only so many times going to a bar to watch the game can be counted as a date. It’s nice to be with a guy who gets excited about art, new museum exhibits or movies that don’t involve car chases, explosions and dialogue limited to grunts and curse words. Don’t get us wrong; we love a good action flick or nail biting hockey game, but it’s also great to have a guy who likes to do something different and who embraces art and culture with an open mind – even if it means missing a game or two.

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