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4 Things guys do that we hate

We love our men, but sometimes they drive us crazy. We know we’re not always perfect, but that doesn’t absolve our guys of some of their most annoying behavior.

Woman annoyed at boyfriend

With that in mind, we put together some of the things even the most love-crazy women can’t stand. Be sure to let us know what you think and whether we missed any!

Watching TV while we talk

We get it; maybe deciding what to make for this weekend’s dinner party or discussing the leak in the bathroom isn’t all that exciting. But if we’re talking, you should be listening – not watching highlights from a sports game you’ve already seen. We know better than to interrupt a big game, but when it’s time to talk, please tear your eyes away from the screen.

Telling embarrassing stories

For some reason, a lot of guys don’t understand that not everything that happens is fodder for dinner party conversations. If we do something embarrassing or that we don’t want you to share with the whole neighborhood, you shouldn’t be bringing it up every time you want to get a laugh. We know you think it’s funny, but maybe we’re still sensitive about falling face-first into a puddle or accidently walking out of Walmart without paying for the dish soap we thought we put back. Please ask before you embarrass us further.

Interrupting us

Just because you tell a good story doesn’t give you license to railroad our turn in the spotlight. A lot of guys have this problem, of taking over a story that’s being told – by someone else. They don’t mean anything by it; they’re just really excited about the story. But it can get tedious getting halfway through a story only to have it taken over by your other half mid-sentence. Wait your turn, or at least wait until we’ve finished a sentence.

Saying yes – and then bailing

One of the most annoying things on our list is backing out of something you committed to – for no good reason. Dinners out with people you’re not keen on and work functions can get tedious. Small talk sucks – we get it. But if you agreed to come with us, it’s a date. Saying yes doesn’t mean maybe – it means yes. So even if you can’t stand the thought of having another lengthy conversation with our boss about how many fish he caught on his last fishing trip, if you said you were coming, you’d better be ready when it’s time to go.

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