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If you’ve ever wanted to know a bit more about someone you’ve agreed to go out with (either a blind date or someone you met online or at a bar), now you can. Mirror, a new online dating tool is the world’s first relationship review platform – and it’s free. We have the scoop on how it works.


There are three main ways to use and get the most out of Mirror.

Search for a review on someone

If you’ve met someone at a party or through an online dating site and he gives you his name and number, before you go out to dinner next week you can do a little sleuthing. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn likely won’t provide the details you really want – is he really a nice guy? Can he be trusted? Visit, register, enter his name or phone number in the search field, and if a friend or past girlfriend has written a review on him, you can read those reviews.

Write a review on someone you know

Mirror also makes it easy to write your own reviews – of a great date, a horrible date, a good friend or an awful ex. Once you’re signed up and logged in, it takes a few minutes (between five and seven) to fill out a review. Simply head to, register, select what type of review you’d like to write (relationship or friendship), fill out the fun and easy review form and you’re done.

Find someone with the qualities you want

You can also use Mirror to search for people near you who have similar interests or personalities. How do you know what they’re like? You read reviews written by the people that know them best – their friends, family and former girlfriends. You can use the advanced search function to find people near you with the qualities you desire (e.g. attractive, intelligent, compassionate). If they’re registered on Mirror, you can connect with them to set up a date.

Other things to note

  • Reviews are anonymous so you don’t have to worry about someone finding out you wrote about what an awful boyfriend they were.
  • Mirror is not an online dating site – the goal of the site is to help people make more informed connections online and off.
  • It’s fun, free and easy to use.

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