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Get a Twilight-inspired wedding

More often than not, when someone discusses The Twilight Saga, they’re thinking of the iconic wedding scene. Whether it’s a scene imagined in their minds while reading the books or a vision just like the one created in the movie, everyone who thinks of the Twilight wedding thinks of its beauty, grandeur and natural extravagance.

Twilight wedding

So many aspects of that wedding have been duplicated for the masses – you can now have your very own replica of the iconic Carolina Herrera dress that Kristen Stewart wore or even dine off of the same dishes that decorated the wedding table. Here’s how to create your own Twilight-inspired wedding.

Those dishes, designed by me and my company, Carmona New York were only one of the many facets of the iconic wedding that I had a hand in planning. Along with the film’s crew, I worked to create everything – the decor, the dishes, the lighting. From square one, we had a blank canvas.

Build from the ground up

The same goes for any wedding. You start fresh and build from the ground up. Laying the first brick is the jumping off point. Usually, that starts with setting. In the case of Twilight, we were dealing with an outdoor setting, so everything had to reflect that. But you can have that Twilight-inspired feel anywhere, and you can easily make it the focal point of your own wedding decor.

Twilight wedding
Twilight wedding
Twilight wedding

A natural, rustic look

Earthy tones are trending right now for decor and themes. The very natural, rustic look has seen tremendous success and a staggering demand to be replicated. It relies heavily on easy-access pieces like different flowers, sticks or stones, all of which exist in your own backyard, or someplace in nature. So look around – what natural look inspires you? The trending color spectrum – the greens especially, can be brought out easily. Moss balls can be added to complement various floral arrangements or they can serve as a funky focal point on a table.

Similar to the Twilight wedding, you can also consider utilizing wooden designs to add the rustic element. As I did in the Twilight wedding, you could use branches as accents in floral arrangements, or better yet, find centerpieces that have that rustic-inspired design. The candleholders on the Twilight table were branches, and when mixed with the flowers, they looked as if the earth was springing up out of the table. I used a mix of leaves, moss and flowers to create something that reflected an overall earthy, rustic feel.

A soft ambiance

Soft, natural lighting was also something I wanted to integrate into the wedding. Candles are always a favorite for any romantic theme, and for natural themes, they also work splendidly. They reflect the organic – no harsh lighting. If you are trying to achieve this rustic ambiance, the lighting needs to be very natural and it needs to blend well with what is going on. Candles and other “soft” lighting can help to achieve that. Bold, bright lights are not what you want here. Just as it is in nature, keep it simple.

You can easily achieve your own Twilight wedding. It’s an incredibly flexible concept. Rustic, natural, organic elements are easy to come by, and leave tons of room for creative control. Before you know it, you could be celebrating in grand fashion – your own version of keeping up with the Cullens.

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