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How fashion trends influence wedding cake design

Marina Sousa

Fashion is a powerful force. It defines generations and bends cultural barriers, and it can even inspire culinary creations. As a cake artist with a background in the fashion industry, the runway is always a source of creative delight for me.

Wedding cake

The fashions are often decadent, current and immaculately designed, and these are all important considerations when you are looking for your ultimate cake.

When it comes to wedding cakes, the design of your cake should be as unique and fashionable as your wardrobe, so here are some tips to consider when choosing an on-trend cake:

Look for inspiration

Spend an hour flipping through fashion magazines with your friends. What pops out at you as you go through the pages? Do you love the pops of neon that are so hot right now, or are you more into vintage-inspired designs that feature lace? What about shape — do you like a flowing, feminine design or something more modern and structured? You can apply this same philosophy to choosing a wedding cake design. Clip out a few photos you love (or check some out on Pinterest!) and save them for inspiration.

Find the current trends

Review the current trends. Some of the biggest trends right now are perfect for wedding cake design. For example, ruffles and rhinestones are big on the runway right now, but they are also easily re-created in the cake world as well. Fondant, gum paste and even chocolate are great bases to build up both of these trends in edible forms, and they are as delicious as they are on trend. From glittery accessories made from isomalt, sugar and shimmering disco dust to flowing fabric-like fondant, inspiration can be found in every new cut, color and cloth that walks the runway.

Glitter heelsReally go for it

Make it count. Think of your cake as the sweet note of your event, the big hurrah that everyone looks forward to at a party. If it’s your wedding, your cake will often be the focal point of your reception and the main event that everyone looks forward to after dinner. Don’t feel as though you have to hold or downplay your cake design. Make it as fun and glittery as you want — your cake is the one place you can really let your hair down and be unique, so don’t feel you have to tone it down or go with the usual choice. Be unexpected and delightful, just like the fashions on the runway.

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