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5 Creepy couples gifts

Showering your loved one with gifts is supposed to be sweet and romantic, not strange and flat out bizarre. When gift giving, sometimes it’s OK to stick with a gift card. These gift ideas will explain why.

We all get a little strange every now and then. When it comes to gift giving, sometimes we get in panic mode and don’t know what to get our significant other. To help you steer clear of a gift giving goof, take a look at some of these creepy weird gifts that are actually available.

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Couples Snuggie

Couples Snuggie

As if a regular old blanket was too hard to snuggle in, this three-sleeved Snuggie makes it easier to be even lazier. All day comfort has never been more lethargic. Your other half is locked arm-in-arm with you while you watch that The Biggest Loser marathon you recorded.

Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend pillow

We’re not kidding here. This body pillow is truth in advertising. You can contour to the shape of your fake boyfriend’s chest and feel so many levels of creepiness. Snuggling up just got a little more uncomfortable.

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8-Bit Dynamic Light Shirt

8-Bit Dynamic Light Shirt

This is essentially a clothing version of a metal detector. Sounds normal, right? Normal gift for that lucky somebody you have next to you? We think that any article of clothing — or, wait, anything at all — that helps you know how far away your boyfriend is at all times is just weird, but that’s just what we think… along with nearly everyone else.

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I’m guessing these are non-refundable. This two-in-one undergarment keeps your bodies as close as possible. Need to go to the bathroom? Not gonna happen, sister! Stay creepily close with your new pack of Fundies, you filthy animal.

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Booty pillows

There are just so many things running through our minds right now. We have pillows in the shape of fake boyfriends, but this?! Foam-filled donks with names and categories like Amsterdaaaam are a must-have for any butt obsessed partner. The Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian lines have to be a two-for-one special or we’re not buying it.

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