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Wedding party favors: How to cut costs

The question of whether to offer a favor to your guests is one that has plagued brides and hostesses alike for a long time. After all, it’s an etiquette thing! But here’s the thing, wedding and party favors should only ever be given if they have meaning behind them or if they give your guests a reason to smile. They shouldn’t stress the budget and they shouldn’t be something you feel forced to provide. But, if you can gift something that truly holds meaning, you’ll hit it out of the park every time.

Party favors

Here are a few of Style Me Pretty’s favorite favors that won’t break the bank.

Buy in bulk

Anything that you can buy in bulk will save you a fortune. The key is in personalizing that find and putting your own style stamp on it. Food favors are the best because seriously… who doesn’t love food!? Here are some unique options: a miniature version of your grandmother’s famous pecan pie with ingredients found at a local wholesaler, a jar of your mother’s beloved apple butter with apples you picked from a local orchard and a pile up of ingredients needed to make a great cup of hot cocoa found through your local grocer. Tie a handwritten recipe to the piece and your guests will love you forever and ever.

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Think green

Think green

Gifting your guests a beautiful potted herb, a lovely succulent or a sweet potted garden rose is such a wonderful and cost effective way to spread the love. Oftentimes, garden stores will offer you a discount if you’re buying larger quantities, so make sure to do your research. Again, tie that herb with your favorite recipe or the plants with instructions on starting a garden and you’ll take the gift to a new level of lovely.

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Go for a meaningful gesture

Go for a meaningful gesture

When you’re planning your favors, look no further than your own life. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make for the best favors, and what better place to start than the moments you and your fiancé love the most. If you and your hubby-to-be love to read the paper over a cup of coffee, a petite bag of your favorite beans would be perfect. If you dance the best to the classics, give a CD of your favorite hits. If you are a foodie, give them a handwritten recipe from your favorite restaurant. Small gestures are not only affordable, but they generally go a long way in the wow department.

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Package it up pretty

Package it up pretty

And this one is the true secret for favor success. Just about anything can become instantly chic with the right packaging. Flavored olive oil that you make at home, infused sugars and even specialty cocktails all look adorable placed lovingly in a collection of mismatched bottles you scored at flea markets. Add a cute label and voila. Instant chic. There are great wholesalers online who offer adorable packaging in bulk, so do your homework. Remember, inexpensive baker’s twine and a kraft paper box make a homemade pie look like you spent an absolute fortune.

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Consider donating

Consider donating

Guests, no matter what type of event, love the idea that you’ve used the money planned for party favors in a more meaningful way. In lieu of gifts, donate what you can afford to a favorite charity, and then print out a little note on cute card stock letting your guests know. It’s a great way to spend only as much as you can, while still leaving your guests with a long lasting impression.

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