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Wedding photos 101

There is nothing more worth it than finding and booking an incredible photographer to shoot your wedding. After all, those images will live on your walls, in your albums and in your hearts for decades.

Wedding photo

But the journey to ensuring you get the most out of your photography can be tricky business. Not to fret. The experts from Style Me Pretty have you covered and we have mapped out some of the most important things to consider when booking a photographer. Most important? Make sure you love him or her.

Study up

Understanding the type of photography that you are drawn to is really important. Do you love a real journalistic vibe? Do you prefer a more edited style? Perhaps you are drawn to a combination of both styles. Or images that pop off the page with their vibrancy. Or their black and white counterparts. Bottom line? Do your research. Check out blogs and magazines to find the style of photography that you love. Even if you can’t call it by name, you can at least describe it to any potential photographer with real examples so that you can ensure that your styles mesh.

Photo credit (above): Laura Kleinhenz/Docuvitae

Wedding photo

Place value on your photographs

If I were getting married all over again, my photographer would always be my major splurge. I would hire someone that I truly loved and I would skimp on other details. After all, the photographs are going to be your memories. They will be the art gracing your walls, the moments that you look to time and time again. Find someone who you just know will give you the kind of photographs that you will never tire of seeing. If you’re on a strict budget, remember that some of the very best photographers are found in art school. Pore over students’ portfolios and you just might find the perfect fit.

Photo credit: Jose Villa Photography
Wedding photo

Set expectations clearly

Throughout your wedding planning adventures, it’s so important to set expectations early, especially with your photographer. You should know exactly what you will receive with your package, how much your album will cost and if it’s included, what sort of timeline you are both comfortable working around and how long it will take to deliver the photographs. Let them know about all of those shots that are super important to you and about hang-ups that you might have. And try to understand their work style so that you “get it” before the big day. Spending that time ensuring that you and your photographer are on the same page will go far in preventing hiccups and stress that might come otherwise.

Photo credit: Laura Kleinhenz/Docuvitae
Wedding photo


Your photographer should want to make you feel as beautiful as you hope to look. So relax and allow them to do just that. A fun engagement session often helps break the ice and invites your photographer to get to know you and your soon-to-be a little better. So on your big day, it feels as if a friend is snapping those pics rather than someone you barely know.

Photo credit: Eric Laurits

Bonus tip: Getting your wedding published

If you know that you want to try to get your wedding published in your favorite magazine or blog, you need to make sure your photographer knows that as he/she might have specific plans as well. Once you are settled on the idea of pitching for publication, remember these three key points:

  1. Wedding photoDetails are everything. It might be worth it for your photographer to bring a second shooter to help get the details. Many seasoned pros can swing it all but some need the extra assistance to ensure that you are getting all of the photographs you want. Just make sure that whoever is shooting the details has a specific list of the ones you want photographed.
  2. Lighting is important. It’s hard to publish a dimly lit space. Make sure that you have well lit images of your reception space.
  3. Dusk is the perfect time to catch all of those beautiful couple shots. When the sun has just barely begun to set and the lighting is soft and subtle. These images always make for the most swoon worthy shots.
Photo credit: Jose Villa Photography

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