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4 Fun friend get-togethers that don’t cost a thing

Is there anything better than a girls’ night? Not really! You see, we love living it up with our BFFs as much as the next chick, but there’s just one little problem with frequent girls’ nights: the hefty price tag.

DIY Spa night

Since we understand the importance of girls’ night here at SheKnows, we wanted to give you some affordable, and most importantly fun, girls’ night ideas! Enjoy!

At home spa night

The pricey dilemma?

A day at the spa with your girls can be like heaven on earth, but spa-ing it up can get pretty pricey pretty fast!

The challenge?

Instead of shelling out all that cash, bring the spa to your living room instead!

face creamThe rules?

Each girl takes control of one pampering station. If you’re obsessed with nail polish, break out your fave shades and give your girls manis and pedis. Does your friend have skin to die for? Have her bring her fave skin care saviors and give out mini facials!

The point is to bring the spa zen atmosphere to you without wreaking all that monetary havoc.

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Clothing swap

The pricey dilemma?

Shopping ’til you drop can be a hell of a time, but purchasing a brand new wardrobe doesn’t come cheap and can create some serious buyer’s remorse.

The challenge?

Find a way to switch up your wardrobe for the new season without sabotaging your monthly budget.

shopping bagThe rules?

If you’re into thrift stores, you know how awesome scoring a sweet clothing deal can be! Each gal should bring five articles of gently used clothing and/or accessories to swap with each other.

Set them up around the room according to category (dresses, shoes, etc.) and go crazy! Because you’re swapping with your girls, you know their clothes are likely well-kept and you know they have good style, so what are you waiting for?

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Night at the movies

The pricey dilemma?

Between the inflated nighttime rates and the snacks, weekly movie trips can get pretty pricey.

The challenge?

Enjoy some funny and aww worthy flicks on a budget.

PopcornThe rules?

Who says you and your girls have to shell out $14 to see this week’s biggest release Friday night? We love watching the oldies but goodies from time to time (OK, like all the time!) too and enjoy snuggling up on the couch to our fave rom-com of choice. So why not bring movie night to your living room?

Each friend brings a chick flick of choice and a traditional movie snack — popcorn, soda, candy, etc. — that she might have sitting around in her kitchen. The rest is easy: Kick back, munch away and have fun, dolls!

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At home dance party

The pricey dilemma?

Going out to the club and dancing the night away can be a blast, but club covers and pricey drinks can really put a strain on your wallet.

The challenge?

Bring the fun club atmosphere to your home on a budget.

ipodThe rules?

Each lady brings an iPod with a dance playlist and a bottle of wine (or vodka or gin… or, well you get it!). The rest is simple: Turn up the music, grab a drink and dance ’til your heart’s content! The best part? No creepy club guys to grope you all night!

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