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How to make successful wedding DIY projects from Pinterest

So many DIY wedding ideas, so little time! Here’s everything you need to know about choosing, implementing and sometimes steering clear of DIY ideas on Pinterest so you can have a successful and stress-free wedding.

Enlist your friends for help

Making DIY items for your wedding is the perfect time to bond with your bridesmaids or friends. If you have something you need a lot of, have everyone at your bridal shower pitch in to help. They’ll be ecstatic when they see their hard work displayed at the wedding! Doing this helps you tackle bigger projects and will give you a bigger payoff in the end. We suggest making these awesome paper crane backdrops!

DIY Papercranes for wedding

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Be realistic

If you’re a frequent DIYer, you know one important thing: Something is always bound to go wrong when it comes to DIY projects.

Maybe your sewing machine will jam up or the craft store won’t carry the type of glue you need, but trust us, something will go wrong. That’s why you shouldn’t stretch on what you think your DIY limits are. Unless you’re Martha Stewart, stay where you feel comfortable, and you’ll be better prepared for when something does go astray.

Give yourself time

Do you really want to be up all night before your wedding making mini duck spring rolls for 200 guests? Doubtful. To keep from going out of your mind when creating a DIY wedding, you need to give yourself a reasonable amount of time. Things that can be made weeks or even months prior to the wedding are the best options. Anything that needs to be made during the week of the wedding is probably not the best idea.

Wedding invitations

Choose your battles

Sometimes you have to put aside your pride and know when to call in the professionals. Think about the big picture: Do you want wedding invitations that look crisp, well-designed and spectacular, or would you rather have so-so invites that you can say you made? Professionals are in the business for a reason — to make you look good on your big day! Let them help when it comes to your cake or your bouquets, and I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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Pinwheel crafts

Keep it cohesive

Yes, there are a ton of super cute DIY wedding ideas on Pinterest. Possibly even too many! But does that mean you need to make every one you fall in love with? This is a common mistake wedding DIYers make. The key to having a beautiful wedding that doesn’t look homemade is to keep it cohesive. Stick with your overall theme and color scheme. Don’t make whimsical pinwheel boutonnieres if your wedding is in a sleek modern hotel. Don’t have a brunch buffet if your wedding is in the evening just because you love the way the mini pancakes look. Pin your favorites, and then really ask yourself what belongs in your wedding.

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Steer clear of the bad ideas

Wedding cloud light

Some ideas on Pinterest may look good at first glance, but once you delve deeper you realize they’re most definitely a bad idea. DIY mini fire pits to roast s’mores on all of the tables? It’s a cute idea in theory but it could be a hazard. DIY wedding cloud lights? That could go tacky quick. Don’t let your good taste be blinded just because someone else pinned it on Pinterest!

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