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3 Ways to spring clean your friendships

Spring has sprung and a lot of us are insanely cleaning up our houses and backyards. Maybe you’ve even extended the spring cleaning frenzy to your beauty routine! But how many of us will spring clean our friendships this season? We plan to, and we want to help you do so too!

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Be a better communicator

Friends can be awesome, but they can also be a pain in the you know what from time to time. And a lot of times, when a friend does something to annoy or even upset us, we just shut up and ignore it. But while you might think brushing it under the rug will make the problem go away, it will only make you harbor resentment in the long-term.

Instead, try being more open and honest about your feelings with friends this spring. We’re not suggesting you tell your friends about every little thing they do to annoy you (that would be silly), but it does make sense to speak up if they’re involuntarily doing something to hurt you. They’ll never be able to change their habits if you don’t speak up!

Make friends a bigger priority

A lot of women tend to take their BFFs for granted when life gets hectic. Hey, they’re your girls and they’ll always be there for you, right? Even though we’re all guilty of it, taking each other for granted is definitely not something you want to make a habit of.

This spring, try to make your friends more of a priority in your life. Schedule blocks of time each week where you’ll either call a friend, grab a coffee with her or Skype one who lives far away. In the long run, it will benefit you and your friends, and you’ll strengthen the quality of those BFF bonds.

Clean out the friendship closet

We’re not suggesting that you go on a drastic friendship purge, but we do want you to closely consider the quality of your friendships this spring. A lot of women tend to stick with toxic friendships for fear of being alone or simply out of habit, and that’s just plain unhealthy.

This spring, think about the friends that are really there for you and the ones who might just be using you for their own ends. For instance, if you’ve been thinking about stepping away from that friend who only picks up the phone to call you when she needs a ride to the airport or wants to borrow $50, now might be the time. You’ll be better off without the abusers, and in the long-term, having a few close friends is more important than having tons of superficial friends you can’t really trust.

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