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How to avoid a wedding day disaster

We all want our wedding day to be perfect and go exactly as we’ve been picturing it in our heads for months, but not everything always goes as planned.

Bride on rainy day

To ensure you’re ready for anything and can take the day in stride, we put together four tips for sidestepping disaster and having the wedding you always wanted.

Plan for inclement weather

If your ceremony and/or reception are going to be outdoors, it’s imperative to have a backup plan in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. You can hope for a sunny, cloudless day (and we hope that’s what you get), but there’s really no way to guarantee that the weather will cooperate. Instead of feeling your anxiety mount as the clouds roll in, have a contingency plan – rent a tent, decorate indoors in case you need to stay dry or whatever else makes sense for the location and venue you’ve chosen. Knowing that there’s somewhere to go for guests to stay dry is much better than having no backup plan.

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Bride with maid of honorEnlist lots of help

You should be the last person running around like a headless chicken on your wedding day. You’ll have enough to worry about – hair, makeup, dress, etc. that you’re going to have to enlist lots of help to ensure all of the little details are taken care of. Everyone involved in the proceedings should know their role, but have one person (maid of honor, your mother) go over everyone’s tasks with them so that everyone is on the same page. That way no one is wandering around aimlessly when they should be greeting guests or showing people to their seats.

Wedding day emergency kit

Keep an emergency kit close by

We love the idea of keeping a kit of last-minute fixes close by in case of a beauty, makeup, hair or fashion disaster. Your kit should consist of hair spray, nail polish remover, sewing kit (in case a button or bead comes loose), stain remover pen, pain killers (in case of an ill-timed headache), bobby pins, Band-Aids, breath spray or mints, hand sanitizer and anything else you think you might need on the big day. Having this close by will be a great help to you and your bridesmaids as you get ready as well as throughout the day.

Lose the idea of perfection

As we said above, we all want our wedding day to be perfect, but in order to avoid a serious case of stress, let go of the idea of perfection and just vow to have the most fun you’ve ever had. Your wedding day isn’t about flowers, cake and photographers; it’s about getting married to the person you love and sharing that love with everyone who you hold dear. Instead of freaking out over mini cupcakes that aren’t mini enough or a centerpiece that looks askew, focus on the moment and enjoying the day – it’s (ideally) going to be the only wedding day you have.

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