Real women’s secrets for feeling energized

The secret to feeling energized is different for everyone. Some people need exercise, while others prefer quiet time. We talked to five real women for insight on how they recharge their batteries and get energized.

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Getting a massage

Getting a massage relieves tension and stress, but it can also help you feel energized. “I have a standing appointment at a local spa every two weeks,” says Monica Garcia of San Antonio. “I get a Swedish massage and try a new facial every time. When I step out of the salon, it’s like I’m a whole new woman, ready to take on anything life has to offer.”

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Going for a run

Even though it’s tiring, exercise can provide a boost of energy. “I was overweight and out of shape for 20 years,” explains Stephanie Walton of Dallas. “Two years ago, I decided to get a hold of my health and start running. Now I run up to 10 miles a day. I look good and I feel good. Nothing gives me energy like a run. No matter how tired I am, when I tie on my sneakers and hit the pavement, I am back alive again.”

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Giving back to others is good for your soul. Many people find that volunteering can make them feel energized. “A few years ago, I started volunteering at a local women’s shelter. I did it one weekend with a friend and thought I’d never go back again,” says Taylor McMurray of New York. “But something happened that day that changed my life. I felt like I could impact the world around me — even in a small way. Now I go every weekend, and sometimes during the week. It gives me a boost of energy and a new outlook on life.”

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Getting back to nature

“I live in a big city with a job in a big, stuffy corporation,” says Natalie Thompson of Philadelphia. “When I really need to recharge and get energized, I have to get out of the city. I try to go somewhere with a lot of trees and flowers and connect with nature again. It gives me a whole new outlook and makes me feel energized. When I come back, I feel like I can tackle any project or deal with any situation — until the next time I get burned out. Then, I do it all over again.”

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Doing yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation can be beneficial to your emotional, mental and physical health. “The great thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere,” says Maria Rodriguez of San Antonio. “I don’t need to go to the gym or the studio. I can just escape into my own mind wherever I am. I find an amazing peace and energy from meditating. It gives me a true balance of mind, body and soul.”

Keep in Mind

Reducing stress through meditation and other methods can benefit your emotional, mental and physical health. High levels of stress can lead to diseases and other health issues.

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