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10 Places you should go for stress relief

Everyone needs to get away to get relief from stress at some point. However, actually getting away can be difficult. Sometimes a few hours is all a busy schedule can afford, so if your brain needs a break from all the commotion in your life, here are 10 places you can go for a little relief.

woman relaxing at spa

Take a trip to the spa

Taking time out to get a mani-pedi and a massage is definitely a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. However, massage therapy is more than just an ideal stress reliever. It can also help to improve circulation and it offers relief from headaches, anxiety, lower back pain and even insomnia.

Go to the movies

Laughter really is one of the best medicines for dealing with stress, so a light-hearted romantic comedy may be just what the doctor ordered. Take an hour or two to get caught up in a story, and leave feeling refreshed and ready to deal with the challenges of your day.

Hit the gym

Taking time out to take care of your physical health can do wonders for your state of mind. Make this location a daily destination. An ongoing exercise routine will help you to develop mental toughness and will show you that you are much stronger than you may sometimes give yourself credit for.

Go to a concert

Music is often used as part of stress and relaxation therapy, so there’s no better reason to go see your favorite band. Go to the symphony, ballet or enjoy a little musical theater.

Go to a park

Spending time outside is a nice and inexpensive way to get away and get relief from stress. Visit a local park for a picnic. Take a long walk to enjoy the time to yourself and the fresh air.

If you have time for an extended getaway, consider visiting a national park for a fun, stress-relieving vacation >>

Go to an amusement park

Blast stress out of your brain with a few hours of unadulterated fun. What better place to find your inner unstressed child than on a high-speed roller coaster?

If you’re serious about having some seriously amazing fun, then check out our list of the top theme parks in the country >>

Go shopping

Take a break from stress by embarking on a little retail therapy. You don’t have to break your budget to find stress relief through retail, though. If you go to the mall, leave your credit cards in the car, treat yourself to a latte and spend time window shopping instead of buying. Or go on a treasure hunt by exploring your local antique malls and rummage sales.

Go fishing

Spend a relaxing afternoon by (or on) the water. Even if you don’t get a bite, you can still enjoy the peace and quiet. Fish do not need to be hurt through the duration of your day of relaxation. Just practice catch-and-release style fishing.

Hit the beach

Another water-inspired way to find relief from stress. Take plenty of sunscreen, an umbrella for shade and a good book for a super-relaxing day.

Here is our list of the five best beaches in the U.S. >>

Find a farmers market

Take a break from your stressors by exploring your local farmers market. Not only will it help you to take your mind off of the factors that are causing your stress, but you will come home with lots of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.

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