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Health tips from A to Z

This spring, usher in the new season with a healthier you. Learn your wellness ABCs now, put them into practice and enjoy the benefits of better health for a lifetime.

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A is for attend

Attend regular checkups.

B is for breakfast

Eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast provides you with the daily nutrients you need to get your mind and body moving.

C is for caffeine

Limit caffeine. A little caffeine each day is okay. Just remember that it is a drug, and consuming too much can cause a physical dependence on the substance.

D is for de-stress

De-stress yourself. Too much stress can impact your skin, sleep, appetite, mental health, interactions with others and amount of self-confidence.

E is for exercise

Exercise regularly.

F is for fiber

Eat foods high in fiber. According to the Mayo Clinic, the health benefits are numerous — fiber helps control blood sugar levels, manage weight, maintain bowel health and lower cholesterol.

G is for get physical

Get physical. Look for daily opportunities to move around. Park your car a block away from your office, take the stairs or ride your bike.

H is for hidden calories

Uncover hidden calories. Find replacements for the extra calories and fat that are lurking in your favorite meals. Switching up cooking oil, using reduced-fat cheese and changing your salad dressings are three easy ways to get started.

I is for iron

Eat iron-rich foods. Iron is an essential energy-booster that helps to move oxygen to your blood cells.

J is for job

Work toward job satisfaction. Stress in the workplace and other factors that lead to job dissatisfaction can have an impact on your mental and physical health.

K is for know your body

Know your body. Learn to listen to your body’s cues to detect illness or injuries early on.

L is for limit calories

Limit your calories. Better than any fad diet, make sure your calorie intake matches up with your physical activity and lifestyle.

M is for moderation

Moderation is the key. Eat what you want in sensible portion sizes that fit within your daily calorie limit. Eating everything in moderation helps to curb cravings and keep you feeling satisfied.

N is for nutrition

Make nutrition your ultimate diet goal. Instead of focusing on cutting things from your diet, make sure to add nutritient-rich ingredients to each meal.

O is for order off-menu

Eating out can crush a balanced diet. Don’t be afraid to order off of the menu and get specific on how you’d like your food prepared.

P is for put yourself first

Put yourself first. Taking care of yourself is the only way you will have the ability to take care of those around you.

Q is for quit

Quit smoking.

R is for relationships

Maintain healthy relationships. Working to keep the key relationships in your life strong can help you feel satisfied, supported and happy.

S is for sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen. Protect the health of your skin by slathering on sunscreen each day with an SPF of 15 or higher.

T is for teeth

Take care of your teeth. Oral health can actually impact your general health. Problems in your mouth can cause problems in the rest of your body, so make sure your teeth are in tip top shape.

U is for unplug

Take time to unplug. Take a break from the electronic devices in your life to focus on yourself, your family and your friends.

V is for vitamin

Take a daily multi-vitamin.

W is for water

Drink plenty of water.

X is for express

Find creative outlets to express yourself. It can improve your state of mind and relationships with others, and you might even uncover a hidden talent or two!

Y is for yoga

Take a yoga class.

Z is for ZZZs

Make sure you are getting enough ZZZs. Getting enough sleep each day can help to reduce your stress and your risk of obesity, heart disease and possible mood disorders.

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